Opyn USDC Liquidity Rewards Program

Wade Prospere Mar 5 · 5 min read *note, this blog post was updated on March 22, 2021 to reflect the following: assuming a balanced orderbook, rewards for asks are 3x the rewards for bids, minimum reward for bids is 0.3% of spot, and rewards will be claimable every 4 weeks to save users gas. … Read more

Will there be an ORCA token?

Orca Mar 2·5 min read Since we launched Orca last Thursday, we’ve already been over-WHALE-med by the positive response from the community. (For those of you who already saw this pun on Twitter: We’re sorry. 🐳) Thank you for all the love and support! Unsurprisingly, the number one thing you want to know is: “Will … Read more

February Development Report

February Development Update It has been another busy month for the Ren dev team, and we’re off to a fast-paced start to the year. Lots of development has been done on the core components, but we’ve also begun on some new tools and some new research. I want to hold off on discussing some of … Read more

Bondly solving trust issues in Defi

Bondly is another Defi project that is making waves around decentralized finance circles. The team are building their project on the Polkadot substrate ecosystem, with the aim of improving buyer and seller protection in the Defi world. DeFi has come a long way from when the term was first used in August 2018, in an … Read more

Introducing Nerve Finance: the first StableSwap AMM on Binance Smart Chain

Nerve Finance Feb 27·3 min read Nerve is a StableSwap AMM designed to allow trading stablecoins and pegged synthetic assets quickly with minimal slippage. Why Build Nerve? Ethereum is currently pricing out 99% of potential DeFi users.Current gas fees on ETH have reached a point where the on-chain transactions provide little value for most users. … Read more

February Update: New Ways to Stake, Governance Topics, and MarketMake!

Isa Kivlighan Feb 26 · 4 min read Hello Aave Community! February was a short & busy month at Aave, with 2 epic hackathons and some exciting governance votes and updates. Keep reading for the February highlights! Technical & Development Updates After a governance vote, AIP-9 activated Aave Balancer Pool Liquidity Staking. Now $aBPT (Aave … Read more

Wault LaunchPad

Here at Wault, we have an addiction to execution. No, not the medieval kind… It’s the kind that adds features and applications to our protocol, and in turn creates value for the users. That’s why today, we’re announcing the start of a brand new initiative that will bring even more utility to our platform, Wault … Read more

Orca: The DEX for people, not programs

Orca Feb 24·4 min read There’s a hot new token, and it’s all over your Twitter feed. You head to your favorite DEX to swap for it, only to be reminded of the current state of the world: making the trade would cost you twenty bucks in gas. If you were active in DeFi during … Read more

DeFi Wizard Raises $750,000 from Prominent Blockchain Investors, to Redefine Multi-chain DeFi Legos

Smart contract programming and token creation in the Defi space has become quite harrowing. That’s why we have set out on a mission to address such inefficiencies through our ‘one-click multi-chain DeFi contracts creation’ platform, but we are not alone. To support our vision, a host of prominent blockchain investment bigshots came together and helped us … Read more

Alchemix — Use Cases

AlchemixFinance Feb 24·3 min read Alchemix opens up a host of financial options for its users. Take a look below to see what it has to offer. Example uses/applications of alUSD: Personal UsageThings come up in life and unexpected expenses are incurred. Typical options are paying for this on credit (decentralised or centralised), or just … Read more