Yearn Finance Yield Aggregator Review

Yearn Finance is a next-generation yield aggregator protocol that is sending shockwaves through the DeFi space. The protocol first appeared on 17th July 2020, and rapidly set about becoming one of the most established and talked about DeFi projects. Within two months of launching, the total value locked in Yearn Finance smart contracts exceeded a … Read more

Sunsetting our NFT program with Community Rewards

Introduction When we originally set out to create the BarnBridge ERC-721, we were generally curious in how we could use NFTs to track early community participants. We also were generally curious about the use cases for NFTs more specific to #defi as opposed to the one of a kind art related space. Since our announcement of … Read more

Introducing The Asset Manager Suite

After 3 months of operating in public beta, Set Protocol V2’s Asset Management Suite is officially live today! Our mission is to accelerate the adoption of on-chain asset management and we believe that V2 of the protocol gets us closer to achieving that goal. Learn more at TokenSets, read the documentation, collaborate with the Set team, … Read more

vToken Whitepaper Summary

The purpose of this Medium article is to outline key components of the newly released vToken Whitepaper. For a more complete view of the system, the Official vToken Whitepaper can be referenced at: Whitepaper Link Introducing vTokens Users will now be able to move vUSD, vBTC and vDOT cross-chain in a decentralized manner, governed by … Read more

BarnBridge Standards and Disclosures

Website | Twitter| Github | Whitepaper | LaunchDAO | Discord Preamble BarnBridge is committed to upholding the highest standards in all we do. We go through multiple layers of internal and external audits on our code base prior to release, offer bounties for errors that are detected, and strive to provide the highest levels of engagement … Read more

Aavenomics Quarterly Upgrade

Isa Kivlighan Jan 10 · 2 min read In September, 2020, the Aave Protocol began the initial phase of the Aavenomics. In this genesis phase, $AAVE holders could stake their AAVE in the Safety Module and earn Safety Incentives, but stakers didn’t have the additional responsibility of securing the protocol as stake slashing was not … Read more

BarnBridge 2021 Roadmap: Barn Building Plans

Website | Twitter| Github | Whitepaper | LaunchDAO | Discord Introduction We are hoping 2021 is a great year for BarnBridge and all of you, so we would like to formally announce our roadmap for 2021. Happy New Year from the BarnBridge team! Naturally, Q1 will be the most accurate and as we release our products we … Read more