Introducing the DeFi Pulse Index on TokenSets

The DeFi Pulse Index is now available for purchase on TokenSets! Today, Set and DeFi Pulse are extremely excited to announce the launch of the DeFi Pulse Index Set on TokenSets! The DeFi Pulse Index (DPI) is built on Set Protocol’s new v2 infrastructure and consists of 10 of the most popular DeFi tokens available … Read more

Flexa Capacity is migrating to Amp

Announcing the most fundamental upgrade to Flexa since the release of the Flexa payments network itself At Flexa, our mission is to make payments more efficient and accessible for people all over the world. To accomplish this, we work to build technology that makes any asset spendable in any app at any store. And as a … Read more

The Set V2 Rollout Explained

In this piece, we’ll be going over what the Set v2 rollout plan will look like over the coming weeks and months. As previously outlined, the major features that are coming as part of Set v2 are: Multi-asset support Index Sets Yield Farming Flexible trade execution Significantly reduced gas costs As these features are major changes to … Read more


Adam Bavosa Sep 2, 2020 · 3 min read A JavaScript SDK for Ethereum and the Compound Protocol We’re excited to announce a new software development kit that we’ve been working on. Enter Compound.js; a JavaScript SDK for Ethereum and the Compound Protocol. This tool streamlines the software development process for building DApps that accelerate … Read more

Yield Farming Deep Dive

Recently, yield farming has been a hot topic in the DeFi space but the UX, complexity, time, and cost has turned away many potential participants. Portfolios in Set v2 will be able to support a wide range of yield generating opportunities across many DeFi protocols. The advantages of yield farming with Set V2 are: Automated Farming — Buy … Read more

What To Expect With Set V2

With the upcoming launch of Set V2 bringing a host of new features, we wanted to highlight some of the exciting things that will be able to be built using this new infrastructure. The building block features of Set V2 are: Yield Farming — Generate yield by depositing assets into yield generating positions. Multi Asset Support — Hold 2+ assets … Read more

How The Crypto Gateway’s Luca Built The Largest Italian Crypto Community

Welcome to the Set Social Trader Spotlight Series. In these posts, we give you insight into exciting new traders that are on the Set Social Trading platform. If you want to get primed on Set Social Trading, you can click here. Today, we‘ve got an interview with The Crypto Gateway, a new trader on the platform … Read more