Announcing Governance

As a decentralized protocol, one of the things we at Wault value most is distributed governance, which not only gives a voice to token holders but also allows us to leverage the collective wisdom of our users. As such, we’ll soon be instituting governance processes so token holders can contribute to choosing the future development … Read more

Balanced Network Strategic Partnership With Band Protocol and Launch Review

Balanced, the first decentralized finance platform on the ICON Network and integrator of secure price oracles from Band Protocol to ensure safe and reliable collateral, risk ratio, and liquidation mechanisms has secured $225M TVL without incident in the 5 weeks it’s been live on Mainnet. Balanced would rank #25 on DeFi Pulse per the total … Read more

StablePay Beta is live on mainnet

StablePay Oct 10, 2019·2 min read Here’s how you can get started. tl;dr: Our Beta is ready! 🚀 StablePay is a decentralized donations/ payments platform that enables you to receive DAI or cDAI (Compound DAI) regardless of the source token transferred. Alice sends ETH or XYZ ERC20 and Bob gets DAI or cDAI. Out … Read more