The Bancorian | A Weekly Summary-November 7th, 2021

In this week’s Community Call recording, Bancor shared the development updates above and featured the APWine and Railgun teams to discuss collaborations with the Bancor ecosystem. Gaspard from APWine (02:10) The upcoming APWine V1 will have performance fees for token holders and a planned buy-back mechanism; Bancor is their preferred AMM to provide liquidity thanks … Read more

This Week: Vesper Orbit Prepares for Launch, VIP Results, and More

Also: Jordan Kruger AMA with CoinMetro, DeFi-ing Expectations Conference, Vesper Featured in CryptoBriefing Vesper Finance Nov 19 · 4 min read Vesper Orbit Launching Nov. 23 Vesper Orbit is a new application that gives DeFi participants the ability to access yield from exciting, emerging tokens through Vesper’s battle-tested yield strategies. Beginning Tuesday, users can deposit … Read more

Coming Soon: Vesper Orbit!

Launching on Tuesday, Nov. 23, Vesper Orbit delivers yield opportunities for new, exciting, emerging tokens. Vesper Finance Nov 19 · 2 min read Starting Tuesday, Nov. 23, users can deposit and start earning through Vesper Orbit’s official online app, The first Vesper Orbit pools support the stablecoins for Frax Protocol (FRAX), Fei Protocol (FEI), … Read more

Introducing milestone KPI options

Chandler Nov 19 · 4 min read TL;DR — It is now possible to create a KPI option that unlocks when you reach your goal. Previously, they would only unlock at a specified maturation date. UMA introduced KPI options as a mechanism for projects and communities to align incentives. They would expire at a specified … Read more

The road to decentralization

This article marks the official start of 1inch Network governance implementation stage 2! As discussed in earlier articles, the implementation of the 1inch DAO involves two stages: Stage 1: This was kicked off in December 2020 with the initial distribution of 1INCH tokens to protocol users and the launch of Instant Governance. The goal was to start … Read more

This Week: Five VIPs Up For Vote on Nov. 15, Lisa Tan talks Vesper Treasury, & a Vesper Lend Update

Also: Vesper Publishes October Report, Money20/20 Replays Now Available, and Aggressive Pool Insights Vesper Finance Nov 13 · 6 min read Community Vote on Nov. 15 Governance discussions for five proposals are currently ongoing at the newly launched Vesper Governance forum. These proposals outline the following: Vesper revenue, treasury, fee upgrade, by Economics Design DeFi … Read more

The Case for Whitelisting the DeFi Pulse Index (DPI)

Michael Mtenga of The Index Coop makes the case to the Vespernaut community. Vote coming Nov. 15. Michael Mtenga Nov 9 · 3 min read [Ed. Note: Michael Mtenga co-leads business development for The Index Coop, the market leader in on-chain crypto indexes. Here, he makes the case for whitelisting the DeFi Pulse Index token … Read more

A Proposal for a Vesper Treasury & Revenue Model by Economics Design

Guest author Lisa Tan lays out her case for this proposal, coming to a vote Nov. 15. Vesper Finance Nov 8 · 3 min read [Ed. Note: Lisa Tan is the founder of Economics Design, a research and consulting firm for DeFi. She is also the author of the book Economics & Math of Token … Read more

This Week: Community Vote on November 15, Vesper Lend Beta Updates, and More

Also: Matthew Roszak at the DeFi-ing Expectations conference, Vesper shout-out in CoinMetro CEO AMA, “Earn It” competition continues. Vesper Finance Nov 5 · 3 min read Upcoming Community Vote (Nov. 15) Five Vesper Improvement Proposals (VIPs) will be up for vote on Monday, Nov. 15. They are: DPI whitelist (Proposed by Index Coop.) Revenue/treasury … Read more

The Bancorian | A Weekly Summary-October 31st, 2021

In this week’s Community Call recording, Bancor shared the development updates above and featured the Railgun team to discuss a collaboration with the Bancor ecosystem. An introduction to Railgun (14:17) “A small community of passionate and skilled privacy enthusiasts are developing RAILGUN, a privacy and anonymity system built directly on-chain on Ethereum, from which you … Read more