Mercurial Finance Launching on AcceleRaytor

Building Dynamic Vaults for Stable Assets We’re excited to announce that on May 19, Mercurial Finance will be launching on AcceleRaytor! Mercurial is building dynamic market making vaults, providing low slippage swaps for stables, while also improving liquidity pool profits with dynamic fees and flexible capital allocation. This article will cover the two parts of an … Read more

Bird Calls Community Update

Vol. 1 • Issue 2 Marketing kicks off, BSC imminent, Yellow Paper loading and new partnerships: The Flight Plan Continues to Manifest One unique thing about the Bird.Money journey is how entirely organic everything comes together, right from the start. The Bird public hiring channel, for example, has been a phenomenal success as it helped bring the … Read more

Bird.Money and Unmarshal Strike Partnership

Exciting times ahead as Unmarshal brings structured multi-chain data to Bird’s infrastructure. The Bird vision for DeFi has always been to make the most seamless, competitive, and integrated finance option for the whole world. To accelerate the maturation of its line of products, the Bird’s Nest has gone into partnership with DeFi cross-chain data provider, … Read more

The Sonic Boom Program

Take your launch to the next level 🔥 Apes we have an exciting one for you… Our first IAO, Astronaut ($NAUT), is introducing the Sonic Boom Program! 🛸 The Sonic Boom Program is a fast track program for high-quality projects to immediately get listed on a premier Decentralized Exchange, ApeSwap, after launching their token on the Astronaut … Read more

Bird.Money and Partner To Unite Sky and Sea in DeFi

A partnership with incredible benefits for the Bird Flock sealed Building a standardized DeFi experience requires a lot of input, tools, and APIs. At the Bird’s Nest, we continue in our resolute effort to ensure that the Bird Flock is the most equipped community to take the most advantage of the budding decentralized finance industry. In … Read more

Bird Calls Community Update

Vol. 1 • Issue 1 LP farming, BSC, and new hires. Exciting times from within the Bird Nest. Every day at Bird.Money is another chance to innovate, create and bring exciting updates to The Flock. To keep our amazing community informed with happenings from the coverts, we are starting our fortnightly Bird Call newsletter, bringing you the … Read more

Media Network Launching on AcceleRaytor

A privacy-first CDN allowing decentralized P2P content delivery We’re excited to announce that on April 29th, Media Network will become Raydium’s first AcceleRaytor launch! Media Network is a privacy-first CDN allowing decentralized P2P content delivery. This article will cover the two parts of the AcceleRaytor launch: 1) the Public Raise and 2) the IDO on Raydium. … Read more

How 1inch protects users from front-running

A unique feature, ‘virtual rates’, protects users making swaps on 1inch from front-running attacks. Many users swapping tokens on automated market maker (AMM) exchanges have knowingly or unknowingly been impacted by front-running attacks. The 1inch Liquidity Protocol has a unique feature that helps protect users from these kinds of attacks, ensuring users get the most … Read more

Bird Staking Goes Live on CyberFi Thursday 4/15 at 17:00 UTC

Staking with DeFi 2.0 automation comes to Bird Token Holders Bird.Money and the “DeFi mission call” share the core value of ensuring that opportunity is not the privilege of a select few amongst us. The future is people-driven and in this spirit, the Bird team is thrilled to announce that Bird staking on CyberFi Samurai Stakepad … Read more