September 2022 Recap

In September, we continued improving Automated Vaults by allowing users to invest in/withdraw from AV with ZERO swap fees. The repurchase method has also proven successful on the first pilot vault, so we expanded the pilot to a BNB Savings Vault which has also shown good results. We also made several UI improvements, and overall, … Read more

Alpaca Finance Institutional Newsletter #7

Developed and emerging countries alike are quietly racing to finish stress tests of CBDC programs tipping BIS (Bank of Internation Settlements) to provide technology infrastructure. The list includes Hong Kong, China, Thailand, UEA, Israel, Norway and Sweden. Thus, the writing is on the walls with respect to where sovereign currency issuance is headed, which is … Read more

This Week: Vesper’s Avalanche Pools Launch on Thor Financial

Vesper Finance Sep 30 · 3 min read Also: AMA highlights, pitch Vesper and earn rewards Gain Access to Vesper Pools with Thor Financial Thor Financial, a diverse ecosystem of protocols and products hosted on the Avalanche blockchain, has added Vesper-deployed Avalanche pools to its suite of staking pools. Users will need to stake 10 … Read more

Bancor Update — Week of Sept 26, 2022

1M BNT has been burned 1 million BNT has been burned, after being bought and collected in the #Bancor v3 vault. Per the recent governance proposal, the one time BNT burn has been performed and around 0.5% of the circulating supply was destroyed. See the burn transaction here and more details in the approved proposal. … Read more

Alpaca Finance Institutional Newsletter #6

Having made a landmark statement made against the Ethereum network, US regulators continue to encircle separate areas of the crypto market. Through leaked documentation in the long-forgotten case of ICO-promoter Ian Balina, it was found that the SEC had stated that due to the clustering of ETH transactions being validated on US soil post-merge, the … Read more

This Week: Stable Salon Recap, Upcoming AMA with Jeff Garzik

Vesper Finance Sep 23 · 2 min read Zane Huffman Scopes out Stable Salon Vesper strategist, Zane Huffman, headed to New York City for the first-ever Stable Salon. Hosted by Flywheelpod, Stable Salon is a place for stablecoin enthusiasts and curious alike to meet and discuss all-things stablecoins. The event featured a fireside chat with … Read more

Dual Rewards are now live on Arable Protocol ($ACRE), Crown Capital ($CROWN) & LiquidApps ($DAPP)

Dual Rewards, liquidity mining rewards offered by both token project and Bancor, are now live on 3 pools: Arable Protocol (ACRE), Crown Capital (CROWN) & LiquidApps (DAPP). Bancor is matching up to 50k BNT on each of these token pools that are offering the following liquidity mining rewards: 6,150,000 bnACRE 3,749,604 bnCROWN 29,997,350 bnDAPP See … Read more

Alpaca Finance Institutional Newsletter #5

In headline news this week, the founder of Terra Do Kwon, who saw a spectacular fall from grace, has been served his first formal legal challenge by his home nation of South Korea. In truth, most expected this to come sooner considering that when the algo-stablecoin fell into a death spiral, the $40B+ dollar meltdown … Read more

This Week: Coinbase Announces Custody Support For VSP

Vesper Finance Sep 16 · 2 min read Also: Frax-FraxBP Vesper Earn Pool, Thor Financial Goes Vesper AVAX, and More on Frax Bribes… Coinbase Announces Custody Support for VSP Just before press time on Friday September 16th, Coinbase Assets announced that it is adding custody support for VSP (Vesper’s Governance Token), along with 19 other … Read more

Alpaca Finance Institutional Newsletter #4

Large corporations continue their push into various sectors of Web 3, but the question of market readiness persists. One major event was the NBA launching NFT fantasy-based football with Sorare, which many will be observing as a real-time case study to understand if NFTs will continue to scale as a value add to sports markets. Another … Read more