Gauntlet x ApeSwap

Expert financial modeling coming to the Jungle 📈 We couldn’t be more excited to announce that we are officially partnering with Gauntlet, the largest and most prominent financial modeling platform in DeFi! Gauntlet’s in-depth simulations and data analysis will help us better optimize our token emissions, leading to more efficient usage of liquidity and growth of … Read more

The Conclusion of Cycle Zero: Weekly Cycles and Staked TOKE Migration

Weekly Cycles and Migration tl;dr Pre-liquidity deployment “phase” Cycle Zero is concluding, as we enter official liquidity deployment with active liquidity direction Action Required for single asset TOKE stakers: Starting today Feb 23, all Liquidity Directors (TOKE stakers) will have one week to migrate to the new TOKE staking contract for the purposes of officially … Read more

Avalanche Rush Program Brings $UST to Avalanche

Avalanche native DEX Pangolin to join the program as part of native dApp ecosystem growth allocation. Pangolin has officially joined another Avalanche Rush incentive program focused on ecosystem growth. Pangolin, a native decentralized exchange on Avalanche, will soon have access to $2M in AVAX rewards. Working closely together, Avalanche, Pangolin, Terra Labs and Axelar are bringing … Read more

UI Update: Exchange Voting is Live

Pre-Liquidity Deployment Exchange Voting Now Live Exchange Voting tl;dr Liquidity deployment is not live yet; this is to familiarize users with the exchange voting process before active deployment Liquidity Directors (TOKE stakers) now have exchange-specific granularity when voting for specific Token Reactors by switching on “Pro Mode,” located above the vote input field Initial exchange venues available for … Read more

December Report

Our #WenNewsSer Finale 😉 Apes, what a year it's been, and we’re thankful for each and every one of you! In Q4 we posted our highest trade volume, most new listings, most revenue, and highest burn % since our inception last February. And with the help of our valued partners, got to end the year with a … Read more

Zero Slippage Is The Next Big Thing In Decentralized Derivatives Trading

The concept of decentralized trading introduces many opportunities and efficiencies. However, we cannot ignore the drawbacks of this concept either. One of the most grating problems is the concept of slippage, although that may soon become a concern of the past.  Sponsored Sponsored Why slippage is a problem On paper, it would seem easy to … Read more

Anton Bukov, 1inch Network: “Limit order protocols offer more flexibility and efficiency to DEX…

Anton Bukov, 1inch Network: “Limit order protocols offer more flexibility and efficiency to DEX traders” As decentralized exchanges (DEXes) evolve, their functionalities become more and more advanced, often matching those of centralized exchanges (CEXes). One such functionality is the ability to place limit orders. In this article, we will take a look at the existing limit … Read more

What Is Balancer? The Complete Guide

Balancer Protocol is one of DeFi’s largest liquidity providers. Learn all about how Balancer Protocol works. Balancer Protocol is an open-source protocol, automated portfolio manager, and liquidity provider. Built on the Ethereum blockchain, Balancer offers new solutions to the problems present on traditional and centralized exchanges. Designed for user accessibility, Balancer Protocol allows for trustless and … Read more

Types of DeFi, their pros and cons

Lately, decentralized finance or DeFi has been one of the game changers in the blockchain space. In this article, we will consider the main advantages of DeFi solutions, as well as the most common types of decentralized financial services. What is DeFi? Decentralized finance or DeFi utilizes top-notch solutions to remove centralized models in the banking … Read more

IAO #008 — NFTY Network!

IAO #008 — NFTY Network! 💎 NFT Gateways of the future 😮 Apes, welcome our next IAO partner, NFTY Network, to the Jungle! 🐵🌴 About NFTY Network 🦬 NFTY Network is a decentralized NFT ecosystem, built to facilitate various innovations in the NFT space. With 3 core products, NFTY Launch, NFTY Labs, and NFTY Connect! NFTY Launch NFTY Launch is an all-new … Read more