Watch out for yieldwatch

Yieldwatch has integrated ApeSwap 💪 If you think we are going to stop bringing partnerships — or the Jungle is going to stop growing — then you better think again Apes 🚀 Yieldwatch, the biggest yield farming dashboard for tracking, monitoring and analytics of farms and lending activities on Binance Smart Chain with more than 80,000 daily active users (DAU) has … Read more

#BUIDL Newsletter — 001

🐵 #BUIDL Newsletter — 001 All your #BUIDL Updates on the Jungle 🌴 With how quickly the jungle is growing we have decided to launch the Official BUIDL Program Newsletter 🚀 This newsletter will include all the juicy BUIDL updates, from new cohorts, to highlights on current projects and graduations 😃 Check out the incredible announcements in the … Read more

ApeSwap welcomes xBTC to BSC

Gain exposure to BTC Dominance 📈 One of our favorite things about DeFi is the ability to come up with creative and innovative financial products 🤓 The properties unlocked when you begin to program mediums of exchange are endless, and we are seeing so many projects push the barriers of what we previously thought was possible … Read more

The Sonic Boom Program

Take your launch to the next level 🔥 Apes we have an exciting one for you… Our first IAO, Astronaut ($NAUT), is introducing the Sonic Boom Program! 🛸 The Sonic Boom Program is a fast track program for high-quality projects to immediately get listed on a premier Decentralized Exchange, ApeSwap, after launching their token on the Astronaut … Read more

Golden Banana has arrived

Golden Banana is coming 🏆🍌 Its time to Ape Harder into ApeSwap 💪 The time has come Apes 🐵 we are soon ready to release the long-anticipated Golden Banana ($GNANA)! 🤤 As you have been diligently clicking the Ape Harder button, we have been tirelessly working to bring you something that has never been seen before in … Read more

Ontology Comes to ApeSwap

Welcoming more projects to the Jungle 🌴🍌 Apes, we have a big one for you. Some of you smart apes might have noticed ONTO wallet as an option when you choose to connect to ApeSwap 🐵 This is no mistake… we have partnered with Ontology and their ONTO wallet to bring you a whole slew of activates … Read more

Squirrel.Finance & ApeSwap — Part II

Squirrel.Finance & ApeSwap — Part II🐿 🐵 The sequel to the BANANA/NUTS partnership ✌️ Squirrels and Apes, we have been hearing a lot of chatter about wanting another partnership between our projects and we listened! Things just got even more NUTS 🌰 ApeSwap will now be the official decentralized exchange for Squirrel.Finance! With this critical update, our projects will … Read more

ApeSwap BUIDL Freshmen Class

The first round of accepted applicants 🤓 We cannot be more excited to announce our initial cohort of accepted applicants to the BUIDL program. These fine projects have been hard at work in the Binance Smart Chain space and have great potential! 🚀 Remember Apes, still DYOR, only upon graduating will these projects become official … Read more

Increasing rewards for core $BANANA Farms

Setting ourselves up to be a premier DEX 🚀 Apes, hopefully by now you have realized we are in it for the long haul 💪 And with being a long-term minded project, comes lots of opportunities to learn and grow 🤓 Above all, ApeSwap is a DEX. In our pursuit of becoming the best DEX possible for … Read more

ApeSwap AMA Recap

Our very first AMA with the community 😋 There is never a dull moment when Obie Dobo is in the house 😎 Obie, grandfather of CZ Binance, hosted our first ever AMA on April 1st. There was trivia, memes, and lots of great questions 🔥 If you missed it we have a full recap for you … Read more