We Are Orb Collective

Orb’s mission is to scale global utilization of Balancer Protocol. Every idea starts with a problem. Balancer’s was simple. How does the Protocol decentralize influence and decision-making without sacrificing efficiency? The success of a protocol is only as strong as the entities that contribute to and support the growth and evolution. Out of this problem … Read more

Decentralized ID: How to Comply with Regulations in DeFi

Decentralized ID:Web3-powered decentralized identity solutions allow users to have better authority over their personal data, says Raymond Hsu, CEO and co-founder of Cabital. Sponsored Sponsored In May 2022, the crypto market was rocked by the rapid demise of algorithmic stablecoin terraUSD (UST). In a span of a few days, the giant lost nearly all of its $60 billion … Read more

Ankr & Pocket: A Decentralized Web3 Infrastructure Alliance

Ankr and Pocket Network are two of the biggest advocates for creating a decentralized node infrastructure for Web3. Our shared mission has brought us very close together in 2022 as we’ve explored new ways of combining forces that we’re excited to share with our communities. We are proud to announce our collaboration with Pocket in … Read more

Ankr: The Fastest Growing Web3 Infrastructure Provider

Introduction Ankr has solidified itself as the fastest growing Web3 infrastructure provider in the industry, but what exactly does this mean? In short, we’re adding more nodes and node providers to Ankr Protocol, serving immense volumes of RPC requests to blockchain networks, and supporting more public RPC endpoints than any other infrastructure providers. In this … Read more

Web3: Don’t Let the Haters Be Right. Builders, Let’s Defend the Promise

Web3: We must be prepared to keep pushing back against such dangerous trends, like creeping centralization, even when doing so is the harder path, says the CEO of Livepeer, Doug Petkanics. Sponsored Sponsored It will take more than words to defend web3’s promise. We must build native Web3 solutions so that people can experience it … Read more

Decentralization: The World is Being Broken Up and Given Back to us

Decentralization: Real-world crypto projects are revolutionizing global economics, says Serge Gianchandani. Sponsored Sponsored Admittedly, it took longer than most of us expected. We are now 14 years past the launch of Bitcoin, the “genesis” cryptocurrency. Its main use-case is replacing the fiat dollar and beating fractional reserve banking (i.e. banks).  Sponsored Sponsored While originally criticized … Read more

Decentralized Storage: Why Metaverse-Builders Can’t Ignore It

Decentralized Storage: There will be greater demands put upon it in the coming years, so humans need to get this part of Web3 right. Here’s how. Sponsored Sponsored The best and brightest are working on the metaverse – a digital space with no boundaries offering a wide array of new experiences. But many are overlooking … Read more

Web3: Why it Needs Better Infrastructure to Stop Centralization

Web3: Creeping centralization is going against the goal of blockchain: Decentralization. Infrastructure needs to be more accessible and resilient for everyone. Sponsored Sponsored For Ethereum and other blockchain networks to work as intended, they need to be decentralized. This means that no single entity or group should have control over the network. But studies have … Read more