Step update #10- Solanafloor Acquisition and more

Step Finance Aug 11 · 4 min read Solanafloor the home of NFT Data Analytics The last month has been a very exciting time for Step for those who have been following along our socials and discord. The most important announcement of late has been our acquisition of Solanafloor and how that plays into the … Read more

Bird Calls Community Update

Vol 2 • Issue 3 As on-chain fundamentals grow stronger, we venture our way onto being data detectives; the bi-weekly fireside chats have been a resounding success; our ambassador program hits it final phase. Read along for this months iteration of the Bird Calls Community Updates newsletter to get your monthly fix from The Nest. Well, time … Read more

Bird Calls Community Update

Volume 2 • Issue 2 Binance Labs Incubator Program comes to a head with the Demo Day presentations, which left some of the most notable venture capitalist funds wanting for more. Bird makes its massive reveal on our analytic product development. Partnerships continue to form as DApp development teams clamor over the idea of individualized experiences … Read more

Bird Partnership Brings Deeper Analytics to SoccerHub

Bird’s machine learning analytics to power the beautiful game into the P2E space. One of the major reasons behind the creation of Bird is to empower developers with access to a machine learning data analytics product toolkit capable of delivering the individualization that users will demand. 👏🏼 This is why we’re so excited to announce a partnership … Read more

Bird and Beamswap blazing new trails with partnership!

Bird continues to add partnerships that are out of this world, making strategic advancements with one of the first DEXes on the Moonbeam Network. As an analytics supplier for the blockchain, our intention is to work with dApp developers and Web 3.0 platforms that can begin to leverage the power of machine learning — data analytics by easily … Read more

Bird x DAOLaunch: A New Adventure for Democratized Fundraising through Launchpad Investor Score

Bird energetically anticipates making crowd-funding solutions a resounding success! As part of Bird’s ongoing efforts to forge relations with like-minded counterparts and expand our ecosystem of synergistic partners, we are excited to announce the new strategic partnership between Bird — DAOLaunch in regards to Launchpad Investor Score integration to empower the most prominent projects across blockchains. DAOLaunch: … Read more

Bird Calls Community Update

Volume 2 • Issue 1 As we ring in the new year we recount some of the achievements over the past 365 days and some of the goals we have for 2022. In addition, we’ll go over some of the more immediate objectives and updates for items we have on-the-go as we take to the air … Read more

Why BSC: Bird’s New Frontier

Binance Smart Chain presents us with a valuable opportunity to bring our unique products to the many teams that have been building on it. The Bird Nest continues working hard to create unbeatable next-gen analytics products that will play an important part in the next phase of the internet, Web3.0. To this end, the entire team … Read more