NEW — Aggressive DAI Pool Enters Beta

Today, the first Vesper aggressive pool, “vaDAI” is now available on Vesper Finance Jul 19 · 1 min read This aggressive DAI pool represents Vesper’s first foray into more adventurous, higher-yield pool opportunities. The vaDAI pool routes through Curve and Yearn. You can find vaDAI on the Vesperdev site. Given the modular nature of … Read more

StablePay support MCD and the new brand cDAI

StablePay Dec 10, 2019·2 min read tl;dr: After integrations such as support for ENS, new wallets and improvements to UX, we now support MCD and the new cDAI brand (Compound) 🔥 🙌. Two months after our beta launch, we have been working hard to improve the use of the platform and make it more accessible … Read more

StablePay Beta is live on mainnet

StablePay Oct 10, 2019·2 min read Here’s how you can get started. tl;dr: Our Beta is ready! 🚀 StablePay is a decentralized donations/ payments platform that enables you to receive DAI or cDAI (Compound DAI) regardless of the source token transferred. Alice sends ETH or XYZ ERC20 and Bob gets DAI or cDAI. Out … Read more