Introducing the 1inch Network

In less than two years, what emerged as an MVP at a New York hackathon has turned into the 1inch Network. Nearly two years have passed since an MVP for a DEX aggregation protocol was developed at the ETHGlobal New York hackathon in May 2019. Since then, that MVP has evolved into an ecosystem of decentralized … Read more

ETH Deposit Vault and Leveraged Farming Pools + Interest Rate Adjustment

Dear Alpacas, Rain or shine, we senior Alpacas will keep on delivering new product features for the herd. So today, we’re excited to announce that we’ll be adding something to our platform, an all-new — ETH deposit vault! We know that in crypto, many people like holding ETH for the long term. Now, they’ll have an opportunity to … Read more

(CN) Venus 机枪池第二版本

Autofarm将在4月9日周五正式推出Venus机枪池第二版本 V2版本升级总计会影响到以下单币机枪池:WBNB, BUSD, USDT, USDC, BTCB, ETH, DOT以及Link并且包含新增的ADA以及SXP单币机枪池。 Venus机枪池第二版本 为何需要迁移您的资金到V2 首先,我们建议所有的用户都将资金搬移到新版V2的Venus机枪池中以保证安全。如同Certik的审计报告所提到的,所有建议的审计风险提示,都将会在V2版本的Venus机枪池中改进。新版V2智能合约与Autofarm的最高优先级要求相符-即提供最安全投资环境并保证用户的资金安全。 接下来,Venus V2版本的机枪池将提供如下改良过的复投策略(与前一版相比)。 既使Venus上的流动性较低,也可以进行提款。 APY轻微提高 节省大约50%的Gas交易手续费 Venus V2相关的费用说明 以下的费用调整,将在V2版本上线之后同时生效并鼓励用户在三天内进行迁移完毕。 Venus V2 机枪池启动时: 提款费用 0.1% 入场费用 0% Venus V2机枪池启动三天后(第四天起): 提款费用 0.1% 入場費用 0.1% 用户需要留意的事项 目前投资存放在Venus机枪池的用户,需要在4月9日之后,取出Venus 机枪池上的资产,并且重新质押在新版的Venus V2机枪池内。 在新版Venus V2机枪池启用的3天内,抵押在Venus V2内的资金将不需要收取入场费用。第4天起,将会收取0.1%的入场费用。 请留意,在您把旧版Venus机枪池全数提出之前,新版的Venus机枪池将无法启用,一旦Venus V2版本启用之后,旧版的Venus机枪池将再也无法产生任何投资收益,您只能针对已经存入的资金进行提现。同时旧版Venus机枪池的质押功能也会被关闭,避免用户误操作。 我们感谢广大社群爱好协力者的耐心等待,并且感谢您在我们不断开发并且创新的同时,一路同行。 💻 Website :🐦 Twitter :👾 Discord :📰 Medium:☎️ Chinese TG:🔉 TG Announcements : … Read more

Increasing rewards for core $BANANA Farms

Setting ourselves up to be a premier DEX 🚀 Apes, hopefully by now you have realized we are in it for the long haul 💪 And with being a long-term minded project, comes lots of opportunities to learn and grow 🤓 Above all, ApeSwap is a DEX. In our pursuit of becoming the best DEX possible for … Read more

BDP Community Commentaries + AMA

This is the third of our weekly updates for the community. We will give some insight into what we’ve done and are working on. We have a special format this week. Instead of answering the usual questions from Telegram and WeChat, we will publish our comprehensive answers to a WeChat community AMA done on 4/5/21. Note … Read more

Announcing the $CLAWS Token Design Contest

Many in the community have been asking, #WenCLAWS. Well the answer is soon and we need your help! In partnership with our good friends at UMA protocol, the Badger team is launching a token design contest to help determine what our new “collateralized asset” will look like. What’s at stake?: 1st Prize: $500 in $BADGER tokens and … Read more

(EN) Venus v2 Vaults

Autofarm is integrating Venus v2 vaults this coming Friday, 9th April 2021. This v2 upgrade impacts the WBNB, BUSD, USDT, USDC, BTCB, ETH, DOT, and LINK single-asset vaults on Autofarm. Autofarm will thus be performing a migration for all Venus vaults and launching new Venus v2 vaults for all corresponding Venus vaults along with ADA and … Read more