This Week: VSP Listed On Bittrex Global, Earn Beta Coming Soon

Also: Vesper Featured on Bloomberg, AMA with Jeff Garzik, heading to Vegas for Money20/20, and more Vesper Finance Sep 24 · 4 min read “Wen CEX?” VSP is now trading on Bittrex Global! See the Medium announcement for full details. This closely follows last week’s Bitmart announcement. Preparing for Takeoff — Vesper Earn Beta Vesper … Read more

VSP Now Trading on Bittrex

GlobalUsers are now able to freely deposit, withdraw, and trade VSP on the exchange. Vesper Finance Sep 24 · 1 min read Launched in 2019, Bittrex Global is a major global cryptocurrency exchange that services both retail and institutional clients. The exchange supports an array of tokenized stocks, stablecoins, and more than 250 utility tokens. … Read more

Improvements proposed to the 1inch governance model

The introduction of the Treasury aims to facilitate the most efficient use of the revenue stream to ensure the project’s sustainable development. Based on suggestions made by the 1inch community over the last few months, a proposal has been made to improve the 1inch governance system. The 1inch Network’s governance system has existed since December … Read more

Why BSC: Bird’s New Frontier

Binance Smart Chain presents us with a valuable opportunity to bring our unique products to the many teams that have been building on it. The Bird Nest continues working hard to create unbeatable next-gen analytics products that will play an important part in the next phase of the internet, Web3.0. To this end, the entire team … Read more

Wen Lottery Ser?

GummyBull joins the Jungle 🌴 Apes, what’s better than a lottery that uses BANANA…? 🤔 A lottery that BURNS BANANA. 🔥🍌😛 We heard you apes were feeling lucky and we know you’re always asking, “wen more burn Ser?” — so we teamed up with GummyBull to integrate a BANANA burn into their new lottery V2 launching September 24th at 17:00 … Read more

BarnBridge Partners with UMA to Offer SMART Alpha KPI Options

The BarnBridge DAO has voted to approve up to 10,000 BOND for a pilot liquidity mining program in collaboration with UMA Protocol. This liquidity mining program will be targeted at bootstrapping secondary liquidity for SMART Alpha junior and senior positions in the ETH (USD) and BTC (USD) pools on Ethereum mainnet. It will conclude on … Read more

The Bancorian | A Weekly Summary-September 19th 2021

In this week’s Community Call recording, Bancor shared the development updates above and featured three teams to discuss collaborations with the Bancor ecosystem: Eden Network, Ferrum Network, and Snapshot. Eden team pitch for Liquidity Mining Rewards (10:01) Recap: Eden is a transaction priority network using economic incentives to encourage miners to prioritize end-user transactions; all … Read more

GK Software partners with Flexa to support digital currency payments

Using the Flexa network, TransAction+ offers merchants a fast, easy, and secure way to accept digital currency payments Flexa Just now·3 min read RALEIGH, N.C. — GK Software announced it has partnered with Flexa, the leading pure-digital payments network, to enable merchants using TransAction+, GK’s leading payment processing application, to seamlessly accept dozens of different … Read more

Top Alternative Social Media Tracking Provider, TopStonks, Joins Big Data Protocol Data Alliance…

Top Alternative Social Media Tracking Provider, TopStonks, Joins Big Data Protocol Data Alliance Showcasing Real-time Social Commentary and Sentiment for Reddit, Twitch, and 4chan Big Data Protocol (BDP) supplemented its roster of Twitter-focused sentiment data by adding TopStonks, the largest and most comprehensive dataset tracking r/wallstreetbets, Reddit, 4chan, and Twitch. Regularly featured on WSJ, Forbes, and … Read more

Being A Sushi Artist: Interviews with the Birthday NFT Contest Winners

Sushi Sep 22 · 6 min read Our first anniversary birthday contest was a roaring success: over 100 artists entered, treating our eyeballs to over 65 pieces of stunning Sushi-related artwork! The top 3 winners of the Birthday NFT Contest are: ‘Be a Party Chad With Sushi’ by @mochiNFT 2. ‘Sushi Runner’ by @fEJKgg 3. … Read more