Band Protocol Launches Decentralised Oracle Solution on Cronos Mainnet

Band protocol’s oracle solution is now live on Cronos, the blockchain network native to ecosystem. This partnership will help to further enhance the already rapidly growing Cronos ecosystem as we strive to provide reliable external data feeds for developers in a decentralized manner. Our scalable oracle solution can ensure developers on the Cronos network, … Read more

Welcome Torus Wallet to the ApeSwap Protocol

One of the cornerstones of cryptocurrency and decentralized finance is anonymity. Through being able to choose who we give our personally-identifiable information to, we can claim independence through protecting our identities and selecting the products or services which fit our lifestyles. ApeSwap fully embraces this approach, which is why we never ask Apes for their … Read more

Band Oracle is Live on SiennaLend!

1 What is SiennaLend? SiennaLend, powered by Sienna Network, is the world’s first private lending protocol and also the first protocol to enable private and permissionless Bitcoin and Monero lending. Allowing users access to private lending means that users will be able to gain higher privacy and data security than within the current DeFi space. … Read more

Autofarm x Moonbeam

Autofarm launches on Moonbeam (the 16th chain) We keep ’em coming. Autofarm is happy to be deploying on Moonbeam Network & to bring users 9 new StellaSwap & BeamSwap vaults! Moonbeam Network joins the Autofarm chain-family as the 16th chain to be supported, bringing us and our users even closer towards being a truly chain-agnostic DeFi … Read more

Supporting More Regions Than Any Web3 Infrastructure Provider

Web3 is a truly global movement that serves every country and corner of the world. The crypto industry never sleeps — and the 24/7 markets and protocols serving DeFi, NFTs, gaming, and other applications require constantly available node resources to reach blockchain data. Such a resource-intensive industry needs providers that can deliver incredibly fast and reliable blockchain … Read more