Reef Announces Winners of Gitcoin DeFi & Cross-chain Interoperability Hackathon

Derek E. Silva Nov 17 · 4 min read Reef sponsored the recent DeFi & Cross-chain Interoperability Hackathon, hosted by Gitcoin. We sponsored three bounties focused on some of Reef’s greatest needs, and could not be happier with the results! We are proud to announce the winners of Reef’s bounties, and also want to highlight … Read more

October Development Update

Michael Burgess Just now·4 min read Welcome to the October Development Update. This month the core development team has been preparing two critical infrastructure pieces within RenVM: an expansion of the Greycore and our developer libraries for Host to Host transactions. RenJS v3 | Host to Host With the advent of Host to Host, the … Read more

BCIP-5: Enable IBC Transfer Official Proposal

Now that BCIP-4 has passed to enable the IBC Oracle feature, expanding the use case of Band in other IBC-compatible chains, we are excited to share that the core Band Protocol development team has submitted a new BandChain Improvement Proposal (BCIP-5) to propose enabling token transfer through IBC and updating the historical_entries parameter to allow … Read more

October Ecosystem Update

Michael Burgess Just now·5 min read Welcome to the October Ecosystem Update! With a larger ecosystem transition underway, RenVM continues to gain consistent traction. So without further ado, let’s dive in. Ren Labs | The Future Cross-Chain Ecosystem Very excited to announce Ren Labs! It is a new organization focused on the next phase of … Read more

The Future of Ren

Ren Labs Michael Burgess Just now·5 min read With the deployment of host-to-host transactions, the original vision for RenVM will be feature-complete, and with the Greycore slowly but surely expanding, RenVM is well on its way to becoming more and more decentralised. This is the perfect moment to look forward and begin planning for what … Read more

September Ecosystem Update

Michael Burgess Sep 29 · 4 min read Welcome to the September Ecosystem Update! RenVM continues to march onward with its cross-chain expansion with some of the biggest mints we’ve seen to date and Host to Host right around the corner. RenVM is gaining consistent traction in each ecosystem it expands to, so without further … Read more

PERA Partners with Anyswap to Migrate into the Polygon Network

Pera Finance Just now·2 min read This week is going to be remarkable. Pera Finance is proud to announce its partnership with Anyswap. Paving the way of bridging PERA to the Polygon Network. It’s been a while since we began considering options to expand the PERA ecosystem, and to integrate our technology on various DEXs … Read more

Next Generation Synthetics Platform Horizon Protocol Integrates with Reef Finance’s Reef Chain

Derek E. Silva Sep 3 · 3 min read Reef Finance, the builders of the Ethereum VM-compatible smart contract blockchain called Reef Chain, announced an upcoming integration with Horizon Protocol, a synthetic asset platform that extends “mainstream DeFi” (borrowing, lending, liquidity) into the creation of on-chain synthetic assets representing the real economy. This integration will … Read more

Reef Finance is excited to welcome Elk Finance to the growing Reef ecosystem

Derek E. Silva Jul 9 · 3 min read Reef Finance is excited to announce a new collaboration with Elk Finance, which will make it seamless for anyone to exchange cryptocurrencies across blockchains thanks to Elk’s decentralized network for cross-chain liquidity. Elk’s forthcoming mainnet addresses fragmentation across blockchains. There are hundreds of separate blockchains that … Read more

Reef Finance Quarterly Review — Q2 2021

Derek E. Silva Jul 8 · 8 min read As we continue our work at Reef Finance towards Making DeFi Easy, the second quarter of 2021 laid down an incredibly strong foundation for doing exactly that, on top of all the work already achieved over the past year. The Reef Finance team sincerely hopes that … Read more