A dive into the Synthetix Ecosystem on Optimism

đź’ˇ This contribution has been provided by an SNX community member. While Synthetix has reviewed the content for veracity, these views are not necessarily endorsed by Synthetix. Interested in contributing as a community member? Reach out to Mike or Matt via SNX’s Discord. Alright Spartans (and future Spartans) alot has been happening at Synthetix this … Read more

Chainlink Keepers and Chainlink VRF Go Live on Avalanche

The two integrations add to the security and functionality of applications, benefitting both builders and users. Avalanche has been integrating market-leading smart contract infrastructure to support its growing developer community. This is why Chainlink Price Feeds were natively integrated on Avalanche in July 2021, giving developers access to high-quality price data to power a wide variety … Read more

Band Community Update

Dear Band Community, It’s been a great start to Q2, and an eventful and busy Q1 for Band Protocol. As such, I would like to take this opportunity to update the Band community on our recent developments on a couple of fronts: 1) Partnership summary, 2) Product Developments and 3) Band Team. We would also … Read more

Yeti Finance Launches on Avalanche, Expanding Borrowing Strategies and Liquidity

Yeti Finance offers high-leverage cross-collateral borrowing against a variety of Avalanche assets. Yeti Finance, an innovative, Avalanche-native borrowing protocol, went live on April 16. Yeti Finance had a successful launch and gained $500M total value locked within its first 24 hours. Yeti Finance allows users to borrow up to 11x against LP tokens, staked assets, and … Read more

SwissBorg Introduces Automated Smart Yields on AVAX Tokens for Customers in 100+ Countries

Non-U.S. users of the digital asset app can now buy AVAX, earn 3.75% on staked AVAX, and multiply these rewards depending on their membership tier. SwissBorg, an app offering buying, staking, and analysis of various crypto assets, has added Avalanche’s native token (AVAX) for purchase and staking. Users who stake AVAX can earn 3.75% APR, … Read more

March Update: Injective Pro V2 Launch, Apecoin Listing, and Binance Blockchain Week!

Hey nINJas! While the Web3 movement has been ​​overhauling the internet by moving businesses and services onto decentralized technologies, Injective has been expanding its global footprint and carrying forth the most innovative Web3 products. From launching a brand new Injective Pro V2, to listing Apecoin and speaking at some of the most celebrated crypto events … Read more

Avalanche Summit | Hackathon Recap: Summary and Prize Winners, powered by Encode Club

A recap of the 3-day Avalanche Summit Hackathon, including the winners, sponsors, and photos; written by Encode Club. The Avalanche Summit | Hackathon took place over the weekend of Friday March 25 — Sunday March 27, 2022. Powered by Encode Club, the hackathon followed the highly successful Avalanche Summit DevCon that took place earlier in the week. Both … Read more

Decentralized ApeCoin (APE) Spot Market Listing on Injective Pro with Original BAYC Kennel NFT to Win

Injective nINJas are excited to announce the listing of ApeCoin ($APE) spot markets alongside a deposit campaign that gives you a chance to win an original BAYC Kennel NFT! Starting now, you can begin to deposit funds onto the Injective Chain with zero gas fees and soon trade $APE spot markets with market and limit … Read more

Avalanche Foundation Launches Multiverse, an up to $290M Incentive Program to Accelerate Growth of…

Avalanche Foundation Launches Multiverse, an up to $290M Incentive Program to Accelerate Growth of New Internet of Subnets “Avalanche Multiverse” headlined by first cohort collaborators: DeFi Kingdoms, Aave, Golden Tree Asset Management, Wintermute, Jump Crypto, Valkyrie and Securitize. The Avalanche Foundation has launched Avalanche Multiverse, an up to $290M (up to 4M AVAX) incentive program focused … Read more