CeDeFi: A Hybrid of CeFi and DeFi is More Sustainable

CeDeFi: The transparency offered by decentralized platforms is something CeFi can benefit from adopting. The solution could be to merge them into CeDeFi, says Lakov Levin, CEO of Midas.Investments. Despite the prolonged down market, the rate of crypto and blockchain adoption keeps growing across the industry. As of today, more than 300 million people globally own … Read more

CeFi Vs Defi: Which is Better? Should They Work Together?

CeFi Vs DeFi: Should they work together? This way, more people will be able to access the crypto market, driving crypto adoption further, says Austin Kimm, Director of Strategy and Investments at Choise.com. CeFi Vs DeFi: Do they need each other? Decentralized Finance is among the hottest topics in not just crypto but also finance … Read more