Introducing the ALPACA Vault Or: How I Learned to Make Money by Holding ALPACA

Dear Alpacas, We know the herd wants it. We’ve heard your hums. A few of you have even gotten too excited and spat at us about it… That’s right! We seniors Alpacas are very happy to announce — the ALPACA Vault! To be more specific, we’ll be launching an ALPACA lending vault where you’ll be able to earn lending … Read more

Alpaca Finance x ITAM partnership announcement

We Senior Alpacas are very happy to announce a partnership between Alpaca Finance and ITAM! With this collaboration, all the Alpacas of the herd will be able to open up a 2x leveraged yield farming position on PancakeSwap’s ITAM-BNB pair, which currently yields over 400% APR in CAKE Rewards! Soon, not only will this APR … Read more

ETH Deposit Vault and Leveraged Farming Pools + Interest Rate Adjustment

Dear Alpacas, Rain or shine, we senior Alpacas will keep on delivering new product features for the herd. So today, we’re excited to announce that we’ll be adding something to our platform, an all-new — ETH deposit vault! We know that in crypto, many people like holding ETH for the long term. Now, they’ll have an opportunity to … Read more

Alpaca’s first NFT campaign!

Maybe you’ve heard rumors. Maybe you’ve had a dream about it. Maybe you’ve just read the roadmap… In any case, we’ve been hinting at Alpaca NFTs, but now — we’re dropping the real info. Above, you can see a still shot from our upcoming first NFT: “Little Al and the Magical Alpaca Farm: Episode 1". This NFT campaign will … Read more

Alpaca x Friction.Finance

Dear Alpacas, Coming off the back of a successful launch of leveraged yield farming last night, we’re also announcing a new partnership! Alpaca has partnered with Friction.Finance aka TAO token. Details of the partnership include: A new ALPACA-BTCB pool on their platform( A neat custom analytics suite for ALPACA and other tokens( A future ALPACA-TAO … Read more

Alpaca Finance x Wault Finance: Emphasizing Trust and Security on BSC

Dear BSC Community, Today marks an important step forward in regards to transparency, trust, and security, both for us, and hopefully, the BSC ecosystem as a whole. One of the issues community members in DeFi are always worried about is the security of their funds, and their concerns are understandable. After all, DeFi has exploded so … Read more

Announcing a Partnership with Monster Slayer — Alpacas Also Slay Monsters!

Announcing a Partnership with Monster Slayer — Alpacas Also Slay Monsters! When the safety of innocents is threatened, as heroic Alpacas, we stand up to the challenge even against the most dangerous monsters. Especially because, we want their loot… Dragons are known to hoard gold and that’s extra for our yield farm… In any case, MonsterSlayer.Finance has given us … Read more