Grazing Range Pool#3: Welcoming Boring DAO to the Herd

Dear Alpacas, Our Grazing Range continues to grow more delicious and nutritious. Today, we senior Alpacas are excited to welcome our newest addition to the range — BoringDAO. With this partnership, all you Alpacas will be able to open leveraged yield farming positions up to 2x on PancakeSwap’s BOR-BNB pair, which currently yields over 150% APR in … Read more

Get Your Graze on with Alpaca’s Grazing Range NFTs & Audit Report

Dear Alpacas, We know how much young alpacas love the artworks of our mascot, little Al. Who doesn’t, right? Well, maybe, you know, llamas… Who cares what they think though… More importantly, we know that many of you really wanted to get your hands on Alpaca’s first NFT video, Little Al and the Magical Alpaca Farm Episode … Read more

Product Update #5: Successful PancakeSwapV2 Migration and Upcoming Features

Dear Alpacas, It’s been a busy week at the farm with the PancakeSwapV2 migration. There are also a lot of new features coming up. So we senior Alpacas would like to take this opportunity to update our herd on what you can expect from us over the next couple of weeks. 🍰PancakeSwap Migration Completed! We are … Read more

PancakeSwapV2 Migration — Risks to BSC users and Timeline

PancakeSwapV2 Migration — Risks to BSC users and Timeline Dear Alpacas, As we discussed in our last article, PancakeSwap will be having a migration of all their LP tokens tomorrow. As a result, it will cause a massive reshuffling of funds this weekend. For whatever reason, few humans seem to be talking about it, but we Alpacas are … Read more

Regarding PancakeSwap’s Migration and a Note of Warning to BSC Users

In case you’re unaware, only hours ago, PancakeSwap announced they’d be doing a migration of all the LP tokens in their AMM to a new V2 LP contract. Unfortunately for many protocols integrated with them on BSC, this means those projects will also have to migrate their users from any vaults or staking pools … Read more

Meet BitFresh — IAO #003

Meet BitFresh — IAO #003 Who’s feeling lucky? 🎲 No Luck Needed — Third Time’s the Charm 🍀 Apes, you’re not going to need any luck with this Initial Ape Offering —it’s an absolute gem 💎 Get ready for BitFresh.Win coming to ApeSwap’s IAO Launch Platform! It’s important to note that this IAO will have two components: A Primary Offering — IAO Business as Usual … Read more

Introducing the ALPACA Vault Or: How I Learned to Make Money by Holding ALPACA

Dear Alpacas, We know the herd wants it. We’ve heard your hums. A few of you have even gotten too excited and spat at us about it… That’s right! We seniors Alpacas are very happy to announce — the ALPACA Vault! To be more specific, we’ll be launching an ALPACA lending vault where you’ll be able to earn lending … Read more

Alpaca Finance x ITAM partnership announcement

We Senior Alpacas are very happy to announce a partnership between Alpaca Finance and ITAM! With this collaboration, all the Alpacas of the herd will be able to open up a 2x leveraged yield farming position on PancakeSwap’s ITAM-BNB pair, which currently yields over 400% APR in CAKE Rewards! Soon, not only will this APR … Read more

ETH Deposit Vault and Leveraged Farming Pools + Interest Rate Adjustment

Dear Alpacas, Rain or shine, we senior Alpacas will keep on delivering new product features for the herd. So today, we’re excited to announce that we’ll be adding something to our platform, an all-new — ETH deposit vault! We know that in crypto, many people like holding ETH for the long term. Now, they’ll have an opportunity to … Read more

Alpaca’s first NFT campaign!

Maybe you’ve heard rumors. Maybe you’ve had a dream about it. Maybe you’ve just read the roadmap… In any case, we’ve been hinting at Alpaca NFTs, but now — we’re dropping the real info. Above, you can see a still shot from our upcoming first NFT: “Little Al and the Magical Alpaca Farm: Episode 1". This NFT campaign will … Read more