Alpaca Finance Institutional Newsletter #13

FTXs downfall dominates the headlines, the shocking meltdown seemingly initiated on Twitter with a spat between Sam Bankman-Fried (SBF) and CZ of Binance rapidly evolved over a 4-day period with the exchange quickly showing it had a liquidity issue ending in an unknown blackhole on the balance sheet with users blocked from their accounts. While … Read more

Automated Vault’s Repurchasing Rollout Plan

Dear alpacas, Over the past few months, we have been piloting and refining our repurchasing operations on Automated Vaults. The results have been good. Vaults with repurchasing outperformed the ones without repurchasing with flying colors. For instance, the Market Neutral n3x-BNBBUSD-PCS1’s return is now back in positive territory again since May. It outperformed the n3x-BNBBUSD-PCS2 … Read more

Grazing Range Pool#56 — Welcoming pSTAKE to the herd!

Grazing Range Pool 56— Welcoming pSTAKE back to the herd! Dear alpacas, We senior alpacas are excited to welcome back our trusted partner to the range once again— pSTAKE Finance. With this partnership, all you alpacas will be able to continue earning rewards from opening leveraged yield farming positions on Pancakeswap’s stkBNB-BNB which currently yields ~7.59% in … Read more

The Multi-Reward Pool Page Update | NEW Dashboard of the Multipliers!

Biswap Oct 6 · 3 min read The Biswap team appreciates the activeness you show using our new Multi-Reward Pool feature. We have made some updates to make your experience even better and more comfortable. From now on, there will be the Multipliers Dashboard right on the Multi-Reward Pool page. Let’s discover more details about … Read more

ApeSwap Introduces Zap Functionality ⚡️

The fastest way to navigate ApeSwap’s DeFi products As part of ApeSwap’s ongoing commitment to improving the user experience across each of the products in our DeFi Hub, we’re excited to announce our newest time-saving (and gas-saving) feature: the Zap feature. Using Zap is the fastest way to go from holding any single token on BNB … Read more

Automated Vaults Improvement Plan

Dear Alpacas, The past few weeks have seen crypto markets becoming more stable, with less volatility and a general rise in the asset prices of major tokens, which has resulted in better performance for our Automated Vaults. However, we senior alpacas have been hard at work with our engineering and research teams, exploring different ways … Read more

How ApeSwap Integrated Chainlink Keepers for BANANA Maximizer Vaults

Simplifying vault compounding and improving efficiency for users and the protocol [Editor’s note: this technical blog is primarily intended for Chainlink users and developers. If you have any questions, feel free to reach ApeSwap on Telegram or Discord.] What is ApeSwap? ApeSwap is a decentralized finance (DeFi) platform offering a full suite of tools to explore and … Read more

ApeSwap Updates Governance Process Using Commonwealth Before Hard Cap Proposal

Discuss and Vote Using One Simple Platform The ApeSwap DAO has evolved in many ways since our launch nearly a year and a half ago, especially in terms of our expanded suite of product offerings and the size of our community of users and partners. In order to more fully serve the interests of the DAO, … Read more

Grazing Range Pool#54 — Welcome HIGH to the herd!

Grazing Range Pool#54 — Welcoming HIGH back to the herd! Dear alpacas, We senior alpacas are excited to welcome back our trusted partner to the range once again — Highstreet. With this partnership, all you alpacas will be able to open leveraged yield farming positions up to 2x on PancakeSwap’s HIGH-BUSD pair, which currently yields ~38% APR in CAKE Rewards! As … Read more