Weekly Highlights from Robi! | November 21–27

Biswap Nov 25 · 4 min read Happy Sunday, Biswappers! This week was full of explosive events and collaborations. Biswap is expanding continuously! Let’s recall the most remarkable moments together. NFT Collectibles on Biswap | Experience Unique Benefits! Biswap presented unique NFT Collectibles this week!https://biswap.org/nft Lucrative perks for lucky owners:💰Up to 15% Cashback💰Up to 1% … Read more

Unique 18th Month of Biswap | View November Report!

Biswap Nov 24 · 7 min read Biswap has been developing for 18 months and remains among the best in the DeFi space! This month was too saturated with different events & updates. So this is not surprising, because 18 months are once in a lifetime for each of us! Do you remember your 18th … Read more

BFG Trading Competition on Biswap | Join & Share 25 000 BSW!

Biswap Nov 24 · 3 min read Black Friday is always about good deals. Let’s start the purchases with the BFG Trading Competition on Biswap! The BetFury team allocated 25 000 BSW for lucky winners. Are you ready to compete for such an amazing prize pool? 💸Total Prize Pool: 25 000 BSW🏆Winners: First 150 users … Read more

Alpaca Finance Institutional Newsletter #14

The crypto market is seeing its first signs of contagion brought on by the FTX collapse. Blockfi, which received a 400M revolving credit this year from FTX to continue operations and withdrawals, no longer has access to this lifeline and is now eyeing bankruptcy as its only option. Genesis suspended withdrawals this week citing a … Read more

Alpaca Finance Institutional Newsletter #13

FTXs downfall dominates the headlines, the shocking meltdown seemingly initiated on Twitter with a spat between Sam Bankman-Fried (SBF) and CZ of Binance rapidly evolved over a 4-day period with the exchange quickly showing it had a liquidity issue ending in an unknown blackhole on the balance sheet with users blocked from their accounts. While … Read more

Biswap DEX Action Plan & Results | Glimpse of Upcoming Releases!

Biswap Nov 11 · 4 min read Over a year, the Biswap team has created a favorable platform for the crypto community based on market trends and user needs. Biswap’s development had different dynamics, but more importantly, a stable character. Currently, our steps are more measured and directed in the DEX improvement and BSW enhancement. … Read more

October 2022 Recap

In October, we alpacas carried on with the AV repurchasing pilot by adding the 8x BNB Savings Vault, which has since shown a consistent return. The repurchase method on the first two vaults (3x Market Neutral and 3x BNB Savings Vault) has also proven successful. We are now ready to rollout repurchasing to other Vaults. … Read more

Alpaca Finance Institutional Newsletter #12

Regulation continues to take form with crypto-favorable jurisdictions such as Switzerland and the UAE beginning to apply more stringent requirements on operating a crypto business. Switzerland, the ICO location of choice for serious companies during the 2017 bull run, will require increased AML reporting for anyone transacting more than $1k CHF. The regulator cited most … Read more

Automated Vault’s Repurchasing Rollout Plan

Dear alpacas, Over the past few months, we have been piloting and refining our repurchasing operations on Automated Vaults. The results have been good. Vaults with repurchasing outperformed the ones without repurchasing with flying colors. For instance, the Market Neutral n3x-BNBBUSD-PCS1’s return is now back in positive territory again since May. It outperformed the n3x-BNBBUSD-PCS2 … Read more

Alpaca Finance Institutional Newsletter #11

Creating a stir across many industries, Elon Musks’ completion of the Twitter acquisition dominated the headlines this week. Some see this as a return to free speech on the platform, while others remain skeptical. In either case, sweeping layoffs in Twitter’s back-office are expected, with the firm to be set on a new course. Twitter’s ongoings … Read more