DeFi Explained — What are variable rate products? — EQIFI

EQIFI Just now·4 min read In today’s current climate of low to even negative interest rates, investors are seeking new ways to stay ahead of inflation and earn interest on their investments while avoiding dangerous pitfalls in unknown financial terrain. To that end, let’s look at what a floating, also known as a variable rate … Read more

DeFi loans explained: everything you need to know

As DeFi projects gain momentum and Mark Cuban predicts that DeFi has a great potential to explode, the monthly volume of decentralized exchanges skyrocketed from just $39.5 million in January 2019 to $85 billion in May 2021. And this fact sounds impressive. Today, we will discuss this new trend – DeFi and one of the … Read more

Oh My xDai! How to Unlock New Incentives with Sushi on xDai, Tutorial

Sushi Jul 22 · 6 min read Sushi has deployed on several chains now, and we are very much excited to heat things up even more this summer by including support for xDai. To incentivize usage, an additional $2M in liquidity will be provided for select trading pairs!! Detailed instructions follow. If you are familiar … Read more

Earn Up To 64.08% APR in rUSD Savings Vault on Ramp V2

RAMP DEFI Jul 21 · 2 min read We are excited to announce that the rUSD Savings vault is now live on RAMP V2 in Binance Smart Chain! RAMPers can earn RAMP rewards by staking rUSD on Ramp V2 at APR up to 64.08% (At the time of writing). This is the first single-asset stablecoin … Read more

Omm Finance Partners With Band Protocol For Mainnet Launch of Open Money Market

Omm Finance, a cross-chain open money market where anyone can lend and borrow assets, and also backed by top tier funds such as Hashed, CMS Holdings, and FBG Capital, has partnered with Band Protocol for secure and decentralized price oracles upon launch on the Mainnet. Last week, Omm Finance announced the list of strategic partners that … Read more

rUSD Cross-Chain Liquidity Bridge Now Live Between Binance Smart Chain and Polygon

RAMP DEFI Jul 21 · 3 min read We are delighted to announce that cross-chain transfer for rUSD on RAMP V2 is now live! Ramp V2 now supports two-way rUSD stablecoin swaps between BSC and Polygon via the new rUSD cross-chain liquidity bridge, which means that rUSD is no longer constrained to being used on … Read more

Introducing, The Sushi Next Generation AMM: Trident

Sushi Jul 20 · 11 min read There have been many speculations on what our well-kept 7/20 secret announcement was going to be, and we’re happy to say that most of you were close, but no cigar! We are glad that we were able to surprise most of you with this exciting news, and are … Read more

DeFi Explained: Where Do I Store My EQX Tokens? — EQIFI

EQIFI Just now·4 min read Shifting from a traditional paper-based currency to a decentralized cryptocurrency can be a challenge for some. Contrary to what the stock images strewn across the internet might suggest, crypto tokens aren’t backed by any physical asset. You can’t physically withdraw tokens and put them into the wallet you keep in … Read more

Hiding Vault x Compound

Rewards for the Hiding Vault will go live approximately 24 hours after launch, beginning at block 12865000. Today, we are ecstatic to launch the Hiding Vault, the Just-In-Time-Underwriter and kCompound, which make up the foundations of our borrowing protocol. Together, they give borrowers an optimal way to protect borrow positions on Compound while also earning … Read more

Inside The Chef’s Jacket with Gasper-San: Bento-Powered, But Gas-less?!

ayoki Jul 16 · 10 min read What is your role at Sushi? If you could be more specific about what kind of daily tasks you have to do and what bigger projects you’re working on. Sure, so my title at Sushi is Core Developer and I am a part of the Solidity team — … Read more