Alpha Finance Integrates Decentralized Price Oracles From Band Protocol Through Alpha Oracle…

Alpha Finance Integrates Decentralized Price Oracles From Band Protocol Through Alpha Oracle Aggregator Alpha Finance, a leading decentralized finance lab, has integrated Band Protocol oracles to secure their flagship leverage yield farming product Alpha Homora which has a combined total value locked over 1.49B+ on both Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain. The integration through the … Read more

Watch out for yieldwatch

Yieldwatch has integrated ApeSwap 💪 If you think we are going to stop bringing partnerships — or the Jungle is going to stop growing — then you better think again Apes 🚀 Yieldwatch, the biggest yield farming dashboard for tracking, monitoring and analytics of farms and lending activities on Binance Smart Chain with more than 80,000 daily active users (DAU) has … Read more

Make Memes! Win STARFISH! ⭐️

Orca Just now·3 min read Are you a dab hand at marine memery? 🛳 Ever since we announced the community STARFISH Collectible on Twitter, you’ve been clamoring for more ways to earn these five-legged cuties. Today, we’re excited to do just that with the first ever Orca Meme Competition! How it works For the next … Read more

Bird Calls Community Update

Vol. 1 • Issue 2 Marketing kicks off, BSC imminent, Yellow Paper loading and new partnerships: The Flight Plan Continues to Manifest One unique thing about the Bird.Money journey is how entirely organic everything comes together, right from the start. The Bird public hiring channel, for example, has been a phenomenal success as it helped bring the … Read more

Weekly Dev Update

Bancor Dev Update for the week of May 2–7: Trading competition, pool space notifications & more Contracts Completed work for the trader NFT competition Completed hardhat migration Replaced custom re-entrancy guard with OpenZeppelin version Moved the contracts out of the solidity directory Added abi files to the npm package Deprecated non standard pool converters Fixed terminology inconsistencies … Read more

Inside The Chef’s Jacket with Joseph Delong-san—Sushi NFT-Connoisseur & CTO

ayoki May 7 · 9 min read How did you first hear about Sushi and get involved? I heard about Sushi pretty early on, I guess right after it had launched. It was definitely center stage of the whole DeFi summer and I quickly got into farming it. So, before I started working at Sushi … Read more

Bird.Money and Unmarshal Strike Partnership

Exciting times ahead as Unmarshal brings structured multi-chain data to Bird’s infrastructure. The Bird vision for DeFi has always been to make the most seamless, competitive, and integrated finance option for the whole world. To accelerate the maturation of its line of products, the Bird’s Nest has gone into partnership with DeFi cross-chain data provider, … Read more

Going Live with RenVM v0.4

This article will provide an overview of the upgrades taking place as part of the release of RenVM Mainnet V.04. The upgrades improve a variety of elements within the protocol, which are expanded upon below. Enabling Greycore activation RenVM fee improvements Streamlining of support for new blockchains Greycore Activation This upgrade collates and implements all of … Read more

Introducing Opium Bridge Protection

Decentralized insurance for side-chain bridges Andrey Belyakov May 6 · 3 min read Click here to stake into or purchase Opium Bridge Protection As the importance of side-chains increases in the DeFi, we are super excited to present Bridge Protection for the largest and most solid side-chains. Based on the Opium CDS contract, our insurance … Read more

Looking back and forward. April 2021 was a turbo month.

Anna Leven May 4 · 3 min read This month, Opium launched two brand-new Turbo products, that proved to be a success, on Polygon (ex-Matic), moved protocol to Polygon and more. Opium protocol is on Polygon (ex-Matic) As was mentioned in March ‘Looking back and forward’, we had plans to move the Opium protocol to … Read more