Ankr’s RPC Allies: 15 New Partners in 6 Months

Market conditions aside, Ankr is buzzing from the amazing partners we’ve added to our ecosystem in the past few months. This article is dedicated to our favorite chains and projects bringing Web3 to the world. Ankr is all about connecting users to blockchains. The best way to do that is to make partnerships with the most … Read more

Supporting More Regions Than Any Web3 Infrastructure Provider

Web3 is a truly global movement that serves every country and corner of the world. The crypto industry never sleeps — and the 24/7 markets and protocols serving DeFi, NFTs, gaming, and other applications require constantly available node resources to reach blockchain data. Such a resource-intensive industry needs providers that can deliver incredibly fast and reliable blockchain … Read more

Application-Specific Blockchains: More Flexibility & Scalability for Web3 Development

Introduction In the ongoing quest to make blockchains adequately scalable for enterprise-level throughput, all kinds of innovative scaling solutions have arisen. The latest development in scalability comes in the form of application-specific blockchains, or “subnets.” In this article, we’ll explain what subnets are, how they’re currently being used, how they make dApp development more flexible … Read more

veBAL Is Live!

BAL holders and Balancer Liquidity Providers now receive a host of benefits with veBAL TL;DR: veBAL is finally here. This means that: BAL holders should lock their BAL into veBAL to get a host of benefits in the new vote-escrowed (ve) system. Balancer LPs should stake their LP Tokens (BPTs, Balancer Pool Tokens) to continue to receive liquidity … Read more

stMATIC: Shard Labs Launches First Balancer MetaStable Pool on Polygon

Balancer x Lido for Polygon by Shard Labs is excited to announce the creation of a Polygon solution which allows users to enter Lido’s liquid staking without spending significant amounts of capital for transactions on Ethereum mainnet. To make this happen, an integration with Balancer Protocol was an essential milestone. The first phase was … Read more