Bird Call Community Update

Vol 1• Issue 5 Major partnerships sealed, BSC integration update, increased CFI rewards, publicity with The Gem Hunters, and a meme competition to jazz up the community Hello and welcome! It’s that time for us to hop on the updates train and catch up with the various departments at your favorite DeFi project. It’s been a … Read more

Bird.Money Meme Contest is Here!

Win cool cash by creating an awesome Twitter meme, Telegram or Discord sticker What’s a Bird Flock without some color, bird dance, and good vibes?! Welcome everyone, it’s our pleasure to announce that after taking a lot of feedback from you guys we’ve decided to go ahead with a Meme Competition! Everyone is invited to this … Read more

Big Partnership Alert As Bird.Money and Glitch Come Together

DeFi OS and DeFi credit score platforms form partnership union Moving forward together has always been our philosophy at Bird.Money when it comes to our vision for DeFi. With so many incredible teams building fantastic solutions, we always take deliberate action to seek out the best and partner with them to bring more value to … Read more

CFI Samurai — Epoch 3

CFI Samurai — Epoch 3 Rewards Update At the beginning of our staking journey on CFI Samurai, which saw over 14% of all Bird tokens in circulation locked on the platform, we announced that rewards shared will be structured over time. We decided that early stakers should justifiably get the lion’s share of the rewards as we taper … Read more

Bird Calls Community Update

Vol 1 • Issue 3 BSC testing underway, website updates, and a ton of gratitude for our amazing community. The Bird Nest is tingling with excitement on our imminent launch of the BSC Bridge integration. Hello everyone! Welcome to another episode of the Bird Call, a newsletter where we go behind the scenes and bring you … Read more

Bird.Money Strikes Strategic Partnership With Parsiq

Bringing Cross-chain Data Intelligence is Another Major Milestone on the Flight Path The most extraordinary journeys in history have always been borne out of incredible alliances. The Bird Nest is thrilled to announce that we’ve sealed yet another strategic partnership with the leading blockchain data intelligence platform Parsiq. What is Parsiq? Parsiq is a next-generation multi-chain data monitoring … Read more

Bird Calls Community Update

Vol. 1 • Issue 3 BSC to MultiChain, the Canary Paper, and more partnerships: The Bird flight shows no sign of slowing down Creating an accurate narrative is critical to the success of any groundbreaking project, and Bird is no exception in this. To let our investors, partners, and the wider decentralized finance community know what we … Read more

Bird.Money Publishes Its First Yellow Paper: The Canary Paper

The Bird’s Nest believes DeFi will succeed by decentralizing ideas. The Canary Paper — our yellow paper — seeks to identify and solve research problems. Photo from DeFi is a movement with evolving ideas. Although the ultimate goal is to create an alternate financial industry that is more open, accessible, equitable, and fluid than the current legacy industries, … Read more

Bird.Money Farming And Staking Set To Continue on Samurai

The introduction of staking and farming of the BIRD token on our partner CyberFi’s Samurai Stakepad platform has come with tremendous success and support from our community. Let’s keep the party going a while longer! Staking and farming are two of the quintessential mechanisms for any cryptocurrency project to deliver to its community and with Bird … Read more

Bird Calls Community Update

Vol. 1 • Issue 2 Marketing kicks off, BSC imminent, Yellow Paper loading and new partnerships: The Flight Plan Continues to Manifest One unique thing about the Bird.Money journey is how entirely organic everything comes together, right from the start. The Bird public hiring channel, for example, has been a phenomenal success as it helped bring the … Read more