Alpaca Finance September 2021 Recap

September was marked by continued expansion by Alpaca Finance. In major highlights, we integrated with a new major DEX (MDEX), and launched 10 new farms and 8 new Grazing Ranges. Among those, we hosted our first Long Term Grazing Range with Scientix that racked up as high as 250Mn TVL on its 2nd day of … Read more

Announcing Alpaca’s 3rd Major DEX Integration; Welcoming MDEX to The Herd!

Dear alpacas, That time has come again; The time to spread our Herd onto new and greater pastures — an opportunity to explore, to eat, and to farm. Of course, we’re talking about more farming pools! A lot more! Today, we are very happy to announce a new partnership between Alpaca Finance and MDEX — a new super-field where our herd … Read more

Announcing WPool #29: Bogged Finance!

We’re excited to announce another WPool coming your way — it’s our 29th WPool with Bogged Finance! With this new partnership, you’ll be able to stake WEX for 100k USD in BOG token rewards which will be distributed over 8.5 weeks. WPool: A new BOG-WUSD WFarm will also open with bonus WEX rewards for farmers. WFarm: This makes … Read more

Recap: Week 55

New Vaults, #HarvestInAsia, Fertilizer, Bye $fCASH & More! Dear Farmers, The work at Harvest never stops. Our commune is like a swarm of bees — friendly & productive ones — that constantly work to improve their lives. Let’s see what Harvest’s bees 🐝 built this week Summary 1.Harvest In China 2. Live AMA 3. Balancer Vaults on Polygon 4. Retiring $fCASH 5. Fertilizer with Stakewise 6. … Read more

Scientix x Alpaca Finance AMA Recap

Below is the transcript from the AMA session with Scientix on September 2nd, 2021. Jopaca: Hi everyone, I’m Jopaca from Alpaca Finance, and I’m hosting this AMA. Our AMA will have 3 sections. Today we have the pleasure to have with us Q, Founder and CTO of Scientix for a much-awaited AMA session. We welcome him … Read more

GameXChange x ApeSwap

The Future of GameFi You will never believe it, we have ANOTHER exciting partnership for you 🐵 It is my pleasure to introduce you to: GameXChange! (previously Tap Project) Game X Change is a gaming platform where users can convert and transfer in-game currencies and NFTs from one platform, game or blockchain to another! These folks are … Read more

Ferrum x ApeSwap

Empowering DeFi Projects 🤝 Apes of the Jungle! I hope you came hungry, because the news we are about to serve up is going to be delicious. 🙊 Here at ApeSwap it has become clear to us that you are virtually obsessed with all things innovative and exciting — well, we are too! So, we are very proud … Read more

Announcing Alpaca’s First Long-Term Grazing Range Pool With a Brand New Project — Scientix!

Announcing Alpaca’s First Long-Term Grazing Range Pool With a Brand New Project — Scientix! Big Rewards for ALPACA Holders! Dear alpacas, This is our first of a new type of Grazing Range pool, a long-term pool that will be available not for only 1 or 2 months, but for many months to come! Or even years! In this … Read more


We’ve updated the ApeSwap Homepage 🧑‍💻 Without further ado, welcome home Apes! 🏡🌴 Now you can find the latest and greatest about ApeSwap in the same place that you stake in farms, pools, and vaults with the addition of the #WenNewsSer announcement column! 📰 We also have a brand new homepage banner, and ‘Hot Farms’ + ‘Cool … Read more

The Truth About Impermanent Loss and Common Misunderstandings

Impermanent Loss…the dreaded term. You’ve heard about it, you’ve read about it, but do you really understand it? In this article, we senior alpacas will give our take on the subject that haunts all yield farmers. So put on your reading glasses and let’s explore IL together. 📉What is Impermanent Loss? Impermanent loss(IL) occurs as … Read more