Top Alternative Social Media Tracking Provider, TopStonks, Joins Big Data Protocol Data Alliance…

Top Alternative Social Media Tracking Provider, TopStonks, Joins Big Data Protocol Data Alliance Showcasing Real-time Social Commentary and Sentiment for Reddit, Twitch, and 4chan Big Data Protocol (BDP) supplemented its roster of Twitter-focused sentiment data by adding TopStonks, the largest and most comprehensive dataset tracking r/wallstreetbets, Reddit, 4chan, and Twitch. Regularly featured on WSJ, Forbes, and … Read more

Generating Alpha with Digital Receipts from High-Frequency Shoppers

Using Alternative Data to Capture Retail Trends Before Earnings Calls Summary Following the August 11 earnings call, Weight Watchers’ ($WW) stock fell 40%. HFS model data predicted this drop before earnings came out. The simple metric generated by the HFS model can be used by large funds a retail investors alike to capture alpha. Insights Amass Insight’s … Read more

Community Commentaries 7/22/21

Welcome back to our latest community commentaries! The BDP team has been hard at work getting our name out on Crypto Twitter, pushing forward our products, and launching new datasets every week. Marketing ICYMI, here’s a recap of our marketing over the last few weeks: ◾ Jun 22: Podcast & Twitter Space Discussion with Alex Cutler of … Read more

Airdropping bBETA

Fairness and rewarding our loyal community are part of Big Data Protocol’s core tenets. With this in mind, bBETA tokens will be distributed via yield farming and airdrop. Why airdrop? BDP & bALPHA hodlers are at the heart of our project and we want to express our gratitude with a 2-stage airdrop of bBETA tokens — designed to … Read more

Introducing bBETA: Tokenomics, Mining & Providing Liquidity

Say hello to the bBETA datatoken — the newest addition to Big Data Protocol’s Data Room. bBETA builds on the bALPHA collection of datasets with offerings from our industry partner ClosingBell plus high-volume crypto Twitter sentiment analysis for exchange-based tokens & NFTs. These datasets in the bBETA collection advance BDP’s mission to bring liquidity to … Read more

BDP Community Commentaries 5/15/21

Our seventh community update follows big news out of BDP. We announced that our hotly anticipated datatoken — bBETA — is coming up. In addition, IDOs are in the air! Our third IDO launched this week, letting users trade and add liquidity to a dataset with regulatory news analytics for the equities market. Despite volatile gas prices, updates to the … Read more

BDP Community Commentaries 5/9/21

Our sixth community update brings our proudest accomplishment so far! It’s been a big week for BDP Legions as our Data Market successfully cleared public beta and arrived on Ethereum mainnet May 2nd. We launched not one, but two successful IDOs (Initial Data Offerings) this week. $BDP stakers earned upside on each datatoken on top of … Read more

How to Use and Earn in the BDP Data Market

The BDP Data Market is here! It’s a Launchpad for Initial Data Offerings (IDOs), which will happen weekly. It’s also a DEX for trading datatokens. You can earn $$$$ on the Data Market — as much as you can earn trading on Uniswap/Sushiswap, and earn 0.5%-10% on EACH datatoken transaction FOREVER. But you need to learn 1) how the … Read more

BDP Data Market in Public Beta

📢 Testers, assemble! Right on 🎯, the BDP Data Market is in public beta on the Rinkeby testnet. We will announce when it goes live on Rinkeby. We are inviting the BDP Community to test it out! Trade datatokens, provide liquidity, consume datatokens and tinker with all the Data Market’s functionality. REGISTER HERE What’s in it for me? … Read more

Tutorial: Testing the BDP Data Market (beta)

Connect to the Market Access the beta Data Market — Switch to the Rinkeby Testnet Select your wallet and connect to the Data Market (having trouble with MetaMask? Help here) Add BDP token to your wallet’s Trade Tokens Accept the “Trade” terms & conditions Enter BDP to trade for datatokens from the pool Use Max returns the maximum amount that can … Read more