Beefy x Pangolin AMA and Giveaway

To celebrate our ongoing multichain partnership with Pangolin, we’ve been invited to an AMA on their Telegram channel, and we are doing a small BIFI giveaway to both communities. With this new partnership we are looking forward to building liquidity for BIFI on Avalanche and we expect a governance proposal from their team in the … Read more

Beefy’s Pangolin Partnership

The largest DeFi project on Avalanche Beefy’s multichain journey continues with a new partnership on Avalanche. Pangolin was launched in February 2021 on the Avalanche Network and incubated by AvaLabs, with the vision of it being a community run project. It grew to become the largest DeFi project on Avalanche network, peaking at over 300 … Read more

BeefCAKE Week NFT Meme Curation Giveaway

Win a silver BeefCAKE NFT by voting on your favorite meme This was our second meme contest (you can see the contest here) and now everyone in the Cowmoonity can show us which is their favourite. Thank you to everyone who took part. It’s been an excellent BeefCAKE week with almost $30M of CAKE flowing into … Read more

BeefCAKE Week — Meme Contest

BeefCAKE Week — Meme Contest With our new BSC NFT Partner, NFToaster Beefy Finance is calling all the creators to spark their imagination and create the funniest, and if you like, prettiest NFTs. Do you have top level illustrating skills? A great imagination? Or maybe you just have the ability to make everyone laugh. If you fit in any … Read more

Beefy reached 250M TVL on Polygon — NFT Giveaway

Polygon NFT Giveaway: $250M TVL The number one Yield Optimizer on Polygon reaches 250M TVL You might be thinking that you already read this medium article, but no, it was a similar one posted only 1 week ago, where we were celebrating 100M TVL. Now, almost 10 days after, we reached $250,000,000 TVL on the Polygon network… That … Read more

Beefy’s Iron Partnership

Partial-collateralized stablecoins are so hot right now Wait. What is a Partial-collateralized stablecoin? We’ll get to that. But first we want to talk about our growing multi-chain partnership with Iron.Finance. We also want to remind you, that as part of our Binance Smart Chain #BeefCAKE Week, we’ll be hosting Iron Star, from the Iron team, at … Read more