$BOND on Balancer and Olympus’s Flex Loans

BarnBridge DAO recently deployed a weighted pool on Balancer with a 50/50 distribution of $BOND & $OHM tokens. This injected $1M in $BOND/OHM liquidity on mainnet and will ensure that the market makers could act as takers on DEX’s to make markets on CEX’s across the mainnet and rollups for $BOND. Why this fresh liquidity? With … Read more

BarnBridge v2 — The Detailed Guide on How to Earn Fixed Income in DeFi

BarnBridge v2 — The Detailed Guide on How to Earn Fixed Income in DeFi BarnBridge launched Smart Yield on March 15th, 2021, a risk tokenization application to take on unique investment positions based on your preferred risk appetite. It allowed users to perform a simple interest rate swap, with one side taking on more variable risk and the … Read more

BarnBridge Partners with Optimism to Launch SMART Alpha Pools for Synthetix and Chainlink

We’re excited to announce that SMART Alpha is now integrated and launched on Optimism. One of our key goals is lowering barriers to entry for people looking to hedge or leverage their assets. The high gas fees on Ethereum L1 makes it prohibitive for both the average retail investor to use SMART Alpha and for … Read more

One Year In. Whitepaper Complete. Where Do We Go From Here?

Meta With the roll out of SMART Alpha, we have completed, for the most part, what was set out in the BarnBridge whitepaper. It’s been a long ride and I’d love to spend time looking back on the past year, or even two, and talk about how we got here and everything that happened along … Read more

SMART Yield Beginner’s Guide

Website | Twitter| Github | Whitepaper | Docs | Discord The BarnBridge Core Team is proud to announce that SMART Yield Aave markets are now available on the Polygon Network. We would like to thank the whole Polygon crew for providing support as we built out our first cross-chain deployment. What Is SMART Yield? SMART Yield offers … Read more

BarnBridge Integrates Chainlink Keepers to Automate SMART Exposure Product

Website | Twitter| Github | Whitepaper | Docs | Discord Greetings everyone, We are excited to announce that BarnBridge has integrated Chainlink Keepers live on Ethereum mainnet. BarnBridge will leverage Chainlink Keepers in SMART Exposure, our upcoming product that provides a convenient way to get a fixed exposure ratio to an asset pair. This exposure is managed by … Read more

BarnBridge Sponsoring Two New Chainlink Price Feeds to Support BOND’s Seamless Integration Within…

BarnBridge Sponsoring Two New Chainlink Price Feeds to Support BOND’s Seamless Integration Within DeFi BarnBridge is excited to announce that we have sponsored two new Chainlink Price Feeds for BOND/ETH and BOND/USD, empowering other DeFi projects to easily add support for our native governance token BOND. Backed by high-quality data and time-tested oracle infrastructure, Chainlink’s decentralized … Read more

BarnBridge Updates: First DAO Proposal, SMART Yield Updates, New Frontend Release

Website | Twitter| Github | Whitepaper | Docs | Discord This post is an announcement of a development release and is a departure from the formats of previous articles. Hello, fellow BarnBridge community members! We have a bunch of updates we would like to share with all of you. PID-1: The First DAO Proposal We are thrilled to … Read more

BarnBridge SMART Yield Specs Unveiled

Website | Twitter| Github | Whitepaper | Docs | Discord Intro We are excited to release the specifications of the SMART Yield as we approach the launch date in the coming weeks. Our team has been anxiously waiting on audits for the SMART yield so we can share our first fixed income product with the BarnBridge … Read more