What is Band’s VRF? (Whitepaper Digest Version)

Randomness is a fundamental function that helps to operate many modern decentralized applications (dApps). However, the root and foundation of this vital randomness mechanism is often neglected. DApps often rely on “good” randomness that must be newly generated and independent of the state of the application. Essentially, random results should have integrity and must be … Read more

Band Protocol Integrates with Nervos’ Godwoken

We’re excited to announce that Band Protocol has successfully integrated our price feed with Nervos’ Layer 2, Godwoken to the mainnet. Band Protocol is committed to providing the most secure and decentralized price feed solution at a reasonable price to all our partners. This partnership with Nervos’ Godwoken will help bring further integrations with various … Read more

Band Continues To Support Alpha Venture DAO on Homora V2’s Launch on Optimism

Band Protocol has long worked with Alpha Venture DAO, integrating Band Protocol’s price feed through Alpha Oracle Aggregator which helped secure Homora V2 (Alpha’s flagship leverage yield farming product) with a consistent and reliable price feed at all times. This partnership ensured more security, scalability, and flexibility for the Alpha DeFi ecosystem. We are now … Read more

Band Protocol Integrates with OKC

OKC, also known as OKX Chain, a secure & programmable smart contracts platform that is backed by one of the leading cryptocurrency exchange OKX, has integrated with Band Protocol to secure decentralized data feeds for developers on its ecosystem. This latest partnership will grant developers on the OKC network access to a wide range of … Read more

Band Protocol Partners with BitTorrent Chain

BitTorrent Chain (BTTC), a unique project that aims to revolutionise the market for P2P file-sharing platform, has partnered with Band Protocol to bring secure decentralized oracles to the first scalable heterogeneous cross-chain interoperable protocol on the TRON network. The globally renowned BitTorrent is an EVM cross-chain protocol designed with a PoS (Proof-of-stake) mechanism and leverages … Read more

Band Protocol Partners with Astar Network

We are proud to announce our latest partnership with Astar Network, a multi-chain smart contract platform on the Polkadot hub. We are excited to team up with Astar and its growing ecosystems of existing and new DApps. This partnership also brings Shiden Network, Astar’s test network to the fold as well as we can confirm … Read more

Band Protocol launches price feeds on CLV

Band Protocol is proud to announce our latest partnership with another project on the Polkadot ecosystem, CLV. Previously known as Clover Finance, CLV has partnered with Band Protocol to bring secure and accurate data feeds to its infrastructure platform for cross-chain and decentralized applications. With interoperability and cross-chain in mind, CLV products offer great connectivity … Read more

Band Protocol Launches Decentralised Oracle Solution on Cronos Mainnet

Band protocol’s oracle solution is now live on Cronos, the blockchain network native to Crypto.com ecosystem. This partnership will help to further enhance the already rapidly growing Cronos ecosystem as we strive to provide reliable external data feeds for developers in a decentralized manner. Our scalable oracle solution can ensure developers on the Cronos network, … Read more

Band Oracle is Live on SiennaLend!

1 What is SiennaLend? SiennaLend, powered by Sienna Network, is the world’s first private lending protocol and also the first protocol to enable private and permissionless Bitcoin and Monero lending. Allowing users access to private lending means that users will be able to gain higher privacy and data security than within the current DeFi space. … Read more

BCIP-5: Enable IBC Transfer Official Proposal

Now that BCIP-4 has passed to enable the IBC Oracle feature, expanding the use case of Band in other IBC-compatible chains, we are excited to share that the core Band Protocol development team has submitted a new BandChain Improvement Proposal (BCIP-5) to propose enabling token transfer through IBC and updating the historical_entries parameter to allow … Read more