$1 Million Bancor 3 Bug Bounty & Code Release

As the launch of Bancor 3 approaches, we’re excited to release the Bancor 3 code and announce the start of the Bancor 3 Bug Bounty Program! The security of Bancor is paramount and the Bug Bounty aims to incentivize responsible disclosures of any bugs in the new contracts. Rewards are allocated based on the severity … Read more

The Bancorian Brief |April 4th, 2022

We are planning to release the Bancor 3 code to the public within the next two weeks. The full code will be available on our Github and in conjunction with the code release, we are also going to be launching a $1m dollar bug bounty program. We are currently working with other projects to make … Read more

The Bancorian Brief | March 22nd, 2022

The current Bancor 3 smart contracts are under review by PeckShield with an estimated completion time in the first week of April. No major issues have been uncovered and the current focus is on the withdrawal logic which has some complex math involved. In addition to PeckShied, OpenZeppelin will start code review this week and … Read more

Bancor V3 Phase 1: Governance Proposal Summary

The Bancor V3 upgrade governance proposal just dropped, and it’s a beast! Reading it I can’t help but feel vindicated with my crypto investment ethos: “follow the mad scientists”. The changes in this version are vast and will definitely take some time to digest, so I’m going to try to break it down piece by … Read more