Weekly Dev Update

Bancor Dev Update for the week of May 2–7: Trading competition, pool space notifications & more Contracts Completed work for the trader NFT competition Completed hardhat migration Replaced custom re-entrancy guard with OpenZeppelin version Moved the contracts out of the solidity directory Added abi files to the npm package Deprecated non standard pool converters Fixed terminology inconsistencies … Read more

Announcing NFT Awards for Bancor Traders with Chainlink VRF!

We’re thrilled to announce the launch of a new trader rewards program that awards Bancor traders with limited edition NFTs throughout the month of May. Once a week—for the next several weeks—one limited edition NFT trophy will be randomly awarded to a bancor.network trader in each of the following 5 categories: The Trophies HIGH VOLUME BANCOR … Read more

Bancor Progress Update (April 2021)

TLDR: Bancor Network is growing fast, supported by the protocol’s elastic BNT supply, which co-invests BNT to match single-sided liquidity deposits. In contrast to other inflationary systems, this minting of new BNTs has no negative impact on the BNT price. Volume, liquidity, and trading fees are rapidly rising on Bancor, indicating widespread adoption and an … Read more

Weekly Dev Update

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xBNT is Live: Auto-Compounding Liquidity on Bancor Pools

Late last year, Bancor released the first-ever single-sided liquidity pools protected from impermanent loss. Since then, more than 20,000 users have started providing liquidity to Bancor pools, passively earning liquidity mining rewards on top of pool trading fees. To offer single-sided exposure and IL protection, Bancor contracts must track each individual deposit separately, storing the … Read more

This Week in DeFi – April 16

To the DeFi community,   This week, Sushiswap dev Boring Crypto quietly announced the full mainnet launch of Kashi, the first of many BentoBox apps being developed for the decentralized exchange platform. Kashi enables leveraged long and short positions in a wide variety of tokens drawn from the Onsen yield farming program, and liquidity providers … Read more

Guide to Bancor Limit Orders

Bancor now supports limit orders using KeeperDAO and 0x Protocol! Traders can perform limit orders on bancor.network between any two tokens in the network Placing the order requires no gas. Gas is paid by the user who eventually fulfills the order. Limit orders are one of many new trader-focused features designed to make Bancor a … Read more

LINK Beta, $100k Bancor Bounty, and Vesper’s First “VIPs” — A Week in Review

LINK Beta, $100k Bancor Bounty, and Vesper’s First “VIPs” — A Week in Review Vesper Launches LINK Pool in Beta On April 2, Vespernauts welcomed LINK Marines into our first expansionary Grow pool beyond the original three. The vLINK pool, which can be accessed at the Vesper Beta app, is now open for deposits.  — @VesperFi Initially, the LINK pool … Read more