Bancor Update — Week of Oct 3, 2022

Almanak Proposal Almanak recently released a report on the current state of the Bancor v3 protocol, and will be activating a proposal for voting on Snapshot for Oct 9th. The proposal is focused on optimizing trading fees and actively managing liquidity in certain pools (ETH, wBTC, LINK, and DAI). In addition to the governance proposal, … Read more

Bancor Update — Week of Sept 26, 2022

1M BNT has been burned 1 million BNT has been burned, after being bought and collected in the #Bancor v3 vault. Per the recent governance proposal, the one time BNT burn has been performed and around 0.5% of the circulating supply was destroyed. See the burn transaction here and more details in the approved proposal. … Read more

Dual Rewards are now live on Arable Protocol ($ACRE), Crown Capital ($CROWN) & LiquidApps ($DAPP)

Dual Rewards, liquidity mining rewards offered by both token project and Bancor, are now live on 3 pools: Arable Protocol (ACRE), Crown Capital (CROWN) & LiquidApps (DAPP). Bancor is matching up to 50k BNT on each of these token pools that are offering the following liquidity mining rewards: 6,150,000 bnACRE 3,749,604 bnCROWN 29,997,350 bnDAPP See … Read more

Bancor Update — Week of Sept 5, 2022

Bancor Sep 9 · 5 min read Ecosystem Integration of the 0x Protocol is Live The integration of the 0x Protocol is live in the app. With the integration, users on Bancor will be able to swap any Ethereum tokens supported by 0x API, enabling trading access to hundreds of non-whitelisted tokens on … Read more

Crown Capital on Bancor V3

Crown Capital, a decentralized gaming NFT investment fund, has had an interesting journey. They have been navigating a turbulent market from its initial seed round to launching its first liquidity pool on Bancor. Crown is a pioneer using several of Bancor V3’s new features that have been tailored to DAOs like Crown — auto-compounding rewards … Read more

Bancor Update — Week of August 22nd, 2022

UI Deposits Resumed UI Deposits are now resumed on the App across all assets. It is important to understand the risk of providing liquidity on Bancor while BNT distribution is disabled; liquidity deposits are affected by vault surplus/deficits immediately upon deposit. Read more on the mechanics and check if a pool is in surplus/deficit … Read more

Auto-Compounding Rewards are now live on Bancor

Auto-Compounding Rewards, one of the key features of Bancor v3, are now live. Auto-Compounding Rewards can be used by any whitelisted token project wishing to incentivize liquidity in their pool. The rewards are instantly liquid — meaning they are used for trading while being distributed to LPs in the pool. Projects can provide their LPs … Read more

Bancor Update — Week of August 15th, 2022

Auto-Compounding Rewards Live One of the key features of Bancor v3, Auto-Compounding Rewards (ACR), has been enabled and can be used by any project wishing to participate. Projects may start distributing their rewards and providing their LPs with the benefits of participating in a gasless, Auto-Compounding rewards program. What’s unique about Auto-Compounding rewards on Bancor … Read more

Bancor Update — Week of August 8, 2022

All V3 pools to max trading liquidity The proposal to increase trading liquidity to the maximum level for 18 whitelisted Bancor pools has passed this week, including BBS, BORING, CHZ, DAO, ENS, GTC, HOT, INST, LQTY, MFG, MKR, RARI, RLC, RPL, SHEESHA, STAKE, VITA AND WSTETH. This update lets tokens that are sitting outside the … Read more

Bancor Update — Week of July 25, 2022

In the past week, two key initiatives emerged in the Bancor DAO: Enable deposits on-chain: a handful of DAOs have requested deposits to be re-enabled on Bancor V3 in order to build on-chain liquidity for their tokens using the protocol’s single-sided staking and external liquidity protection mechanisms. Liquidity optimizations: Bancor DAO is deciding how to … Read more