Monthly Community update #1

Welcome AutoFam to the first monthly community update! From now on, we will be communicating with the entire Autofarm community through a monthly series of community updates in the form of medium articles. These updates will entail all you need to know about Autofarm; upcoming and already published developments, including many other events around Autofarm. … Read more

Presenting the Single AUTO Vault v2!

Autofarm is proud to present the new staking vault for $AUTO token holders: SAV2 (Single $AUTO Vault v2). What is the Single AUTO Vault? The SAV is our vault dedicated to loyal $AUTO holders, where they can stake their tokens to participate in governance and share in the revenues of the platform. At the moment $AUTO stakers … Read more

Autofarm x Moonbeam

Autofarm launches on Moonbeam (the 16th chain) We keep ’em coming. Autofarm is happy to be deploying on Moonbeam Network & to bring users 9 new StellaSwap & BeamSwap vaults! Moonbeam Network joins the Autofarm chain-family as the 16th chain to be supported, bringing us and our users even closer towards being a truly chain-agnostic DeFi … Read more

Autofarm announces GOGOcoin as its 5th AutoAmplify partnership.

AutoAmplify Partnership Programme (GOGOcoin) AutoAmplify is our brand new partnership programme for onboarding new protocols that wish to benefit from Autofarm’s established reach and pedigree in the DeFi space built up across our 15 chains and 1000s of vaults over the last year. After 4 successful AutoAmplify launches with SingularityDAO (BNB Chain), DNAdollar (Cronos Chain), CZodiac … Read more

Autofarm Integrates with Oasis Protocol!

Autofarm x Oasis Protocol Autofarm is proud to be deploying on Oasis Protocol, thereby officially joining the booming Oasis Protocol ecosystem as the first yield aggregator! Integrating with Oasis Protocol marks the 15th chain (with Aurora currently on hold) that Autofarm is auto-compounding yields on, taking us even closer to our goal of being a leading … Read more

AutoAmplify Partnership Programme

Autofarm Ecosystem (AutoAmplify) After a great 2021, things have been even busier going into 2022 as we look to continue to grow the Autofarm ecosystem with more products, services, and chains. We are proud to announce that as part of our continued commitment to growth, we have created a brand new partnership programme for projects looking … Read more

Autofarm Adds Support for Fantom — The Fifth Chain on the Platform!

Autofarm Adds Support for Fantom — The Fifth Chain on the Platform! In less than a week since Autofarm’s integration with Avalanche, we are excited to announce yet another chain integration — this time, with Fantom! The integration of Fantom on Autofarm makes it the fifth supported chain on the platform, cementing Autofarm’s vision of becoming a multi-chain platform that … Read more

AutoSwap Now Aggregating Over $1.8B Liquidity on Polygon!

Autofarm is excited to announce that our DEX aggregator AutoSwap is now fully integrated with Polygon! Since AutoSwap’s V1 launch in April, the Autofarm team have been continuously improving and optimising the swap DEX based on extensive testing and feedback to bring users a best-in-class, robust swap DEX aggregator. After ensuring AutoSwap’s core functionalities matched industry-level … Read more

Welcoming Avalanche to AutoSwap! Aggregating $1.6B in Liquidity from 8 DEXes

It’s not been long since AutoSwap’s integration with Polygon. Today, we are ecstatic to be announcing yet another integration with our DEX aggregator — this time with Avalanche! Avalanche will be the third chain to be supported on AutoSwap in addition to Binance Smart Chain, Polygon, with our leading DEX aggregator integrating liquidity from 8 leading DEXes … Read more

Autofarm Integrates with Celo!

And the devs at Autofarm just keep shipping! We are ecstatic to be announcing Autofarm’s latest integration with Celo, a mobile-first DeFi platform that makes financial dApps and crypto payments accessible to all, tying in closely with Autofarm’s own vision to make DeFi accessible and seamless to all types of crypto users through our multi-chain … Read more