Pushing boundaries in Asset Management — TokenSets Polygon

Andrew Wilkinson Jul 13 · 7 min read We’re excited to announce the launch of the Set Protocol on Polygon, lowering the barrier of entry significantly and bringing us one step closer to enabling asset management and strategy creation for the masses. Set’s Mission to Accelerate the Adoption of DeFi Asset Management In an internet-first … Read more

How The Crypto Gateway’s Luca Built The Largest Italian Crypto Community

Welcome to the Set Social Trader Spotlight Series. In these posts, we give you insight into exciting new traders that are on the Set Social Trading platform. If you want to get primed on Set Social Trading, you can click here. Today, we‘ve got an interview with The Crypto Gateway, a new trader on the platform … Read more

Introducing Set V2

Set is evolving and we invite you to be part of the journey. Set Protocol was founded on the fundamental belief that access to great asset management should be available to everyone. We started by detailing ‘Strategy Enabled Tokens’ in early 2019 and then launched them on TokenSets in April of 2019. Then, we pioneered automated … Read more