This Week In DeFi – July 1

To the DeFi community, This week, crypto exchange FTX is reportedly looking to acquire centralized lending platform BlockFi for a sum between $25 million and $50 million. Sources believe the deal is expected to complete by the end of this week, however BlockFi CEO Zac Prince has denied the $25 million figure and FTX has … Read more

Understanding Arbitrum: 2-Dimensional Fees

During last week’s Arbitrum Odyssey, Arbitrum One experienced record levels of traffic. Some discerning users noticed something curious: as the price of L2 gas increased, the amount of L2 gas that a given transaction would use would actually decrease. This, it turns out, is the system working as it’s supposed to, but to the uninitiated, … Read more

This Week In DeFi – June 3

To the DeFi community, This week Binance’s venture capital arm, Binance Labs, raised $500 million for a new web3 investment fund – its first using outside investment. DST Global Partners and Breyer Capital backed the fund, along with a number of private equity funds, family offices, and corporations. The fund is looking to support projects … Read more

Harvest Expands to Arbitrum, Launching Beta Dapp ft. Dolomite

We’re excited to announce that Harvest on Arbitrum is now live thanks to our collaboration with Dolomite. As of today, anyone can start using Harvest on Arbitrum via the interface provided by Dolomite at With over 55% TVL market share and instant transaction confirmations, Arbitrum has positioned itself as the next promising Layer 2 … Read more

Harvest 3: The New Beginning

Introducing: Arbitrum & Leveraged Vaults ft. Dolomite, Managed Uniswap 3 Strategies, New Dapp & Frontpage, DAO Insights ft. Llama & Ops Automation ft. Gelato TL;DR Revamped Website with an end to end Dapp redesign Dolomite x Harvest = Acres of Arbitrum with leveraged vaults Degen Delights — Managed Uniswap V3 Strategies Strategic DAO Insights ft. Llama Operation Automation of Harvest’s … Read more

This Week in DeFi – March 11

To the DeFi community, This week, the Kyberswap DEX launched on Arbitrum, continuing efforts to help users avoid high fees when the Ethereum network becomes congested. Kyberswap is now available on Ethereum, Polygon, Avalanche, BSC, Fantom, and Cronos, making it one of the most widely available DEX. 🚀KyberSwap DEX Aggregator Launches Integration with L2 Scaling … Read more

This Week in DeFi – February 25

To the DeFi community, This week, Eth L2 Starknet launched its public beta and announced an integration with the Opera web browser and DiversiFi, allowing users to trade digital assets on L2 directly from their browser. In addition to the substantial savings on gas costs, the partnership will seek to bring additional DeFi functionality to … Read more

This Week in DeFi – January 21

To the DeFi community, This week, 1inch Exchange went live on Avalanche and Gnosis Chain (formerly xDai Chain) to expand DEX aggregation services to more corners of the DeFi ecosystem. At launch 1inch on Avalanche  aggregates liquidity from more than a dozen exchange protocols, and 9 from the Gnosis Chain. [email protected], one of the most … Read more

Arbitrum: How to Bridge Your gOHM and Provide Liquidity to Earn Staking Rewards

Welcome to Arbitrum Arbitrum is a Layer 2 optimistic rollup that aims to increase efficiency and lower the costs of the Ethereum network. It does so by running unmodified Ethereum smart contracts through different validators that need to approve transactions in order to minimize the risk of scams or fake transactions. This alternative to Ethereum’s current … Read more

This Week in DeFi – December 24

To the DeFi community, This week, Fei Protocol and Rari Capital officially initiated the planned merger between the two protocols, converting RGT to TRIBE for tokenholders. The two projects will retain separate branding and roadmaps in the short term, with full incentive alignment and resource sharing to come in 2022. Yesterday, the Rari and Fei … Read more