Introducing Our Newest In-house Product – ZAAP, “Swiss Army Knife” for NFT Projects

In our previous first-look on ZAPP from our May Monthly Summary, we are back with some  updates just so you can learn more about what this product is about. Introducing ZAAP, the perfect NFT toolkit & platform for any artists, art dealers, art agencies and art galleries. The UI is subject to change for the … Read more

Delisting Process on Homora V2

From now onwards, Homora V2 will be implementing a Delisting Process to protect users from potential hacks through price manipulation. This will mainly impact farm pools. Starting today, we will begin the delisting process for: USDC.e/DAI.e pool on Trader Joe & AVAX/DAI.e on Pangolin. The above-mentioned pools will be delisted on June 9th, 10AM UTC. … Read more

Monthly Summary May

GM Alpha Wolves! It’s time for the monthly update! Since the last monthly update, we’ve been building so much infrastructure, expanding our network, and executing multiple plans that made us achieve many targets. Just to give a summary, these essentially include, new product development, the latest Alpha incubating projects (TiTi Protocol & Fuku NFT), rebranding … Read more

How Alpha Network and Our Partners Bring Value to Alpha Incubate

Recap on Alpha Incubate Alpha Incubate is a one-stop station for builders by builders. Our vision for Alpha Incubate is to create a community of builders that focuses on long-term innovation rather than just speculating and pushes the boundaries of Web3 by creating solutions around real world use cases. If you have not read our … Read more

Announcing Fuku NFT: Alpha Venture DAO’s Incubated Project Bridging NFT and DeFi

What is Fuku? Fuku is a project incubated by Alpha Venture DAO that allows users to access DeFi yields or engage in virtually any on-chain activity while trading non-fungible tokens (NFTs). Fuku is a DeFi-connected marketplace that enables NFT buyers to place bids using funds they have deposited in DeFi protocols, presenting the first time … Read more

MEV Analysis 101

Since summer 2021, DeFi on Ethereum has grown substantially with an enormous influx of end-users and countless numbers of emerging protocols. These new protocols introduce lots of profitable opportunities, such as arbitrages between DEXs and liquidations in lending protocols. The profit available to be extracted is commonly known as MEV. MEV brings both upside and … Read more

Announcing Alpha Venture DAO’s Fourth Incubated Project: TiTi Protocol

Introducing the fourth incubated project, TiTi Protocol, a decentralized, multi-asset reserve-backed, use-to-earn algorithmic stablecoin. With TiTi, users can access diversified and decentralized financial services based on the crypto-native stablecoin system and autonomous monetary policy. The project has raised $3.5 million in funding from Spartan Group, SevenX Ventures, DeFi Alliance, Solidity Venture, and other VCs and … Read more

Announcing Alpha x Terra Hackathon

“Creativity is thinking up new things. Innovation is doing new things.” – Theodore Levitt JOIN NOW Join one of the biggest Terra-focused hackathon today! Alpha Venture DAO is partnering with Terra and many more protocols from the Terra blockchain to create this amazing hackathon for #Lunatics! Home your Buidl skills, get the training you need … Read more