1inch’s Black Friday promo offers with Banxa and Moonpay

The promo deals will allow the 1inch Wallet’s Android users to skip processing fees when buying crypto for fiat during upcoming weeks. On the occasion of Black Friday, the 1inch Network is excited to announce a joint promotion campaign for the 1inch Wallet’s Android version with fiat-to-crypto on-ramp providers Banxa and Moonpay. Banxa enables 1inch Wallet users … Read more

The 1inch RabbitHole: protection from sandwich attacks

The 1inch RabbitHole feature will protect MetaMask users from sandwich attacks, one of the most common ways of extracting MEV in DeFi. The 1inch Network is thrilled to introduce the 1inch RabbitHole, a brand new feature that aims to protect MetaMask users swapping on 1inch from sandwich attacks — the most common type of front-running. Sandwich attacks explained … Read more

DeFi Visions: Andrey Belyakov

Here comes a new installment of DeFi Visions, a series of video interviews in which 1inch talks to the most prominent projects and personalities in DeFi. In this post, you’ll find the key takeaways from a recent interview with Andrey Belyakov, founder of Opium Protocol. Andrey Belyakov founded Opium back in 2018 as a Web3 … Read more

Aggregation of on-ramp providers and NFT support added to the 1inch Wallet for Android

Android users can now get the best exchange rates when buying crypto for fiat and spend their coins on NFTs directly in their 1inch Wallet. As part of a strategy to drive DeFi adoption and offer as many user-friendly features as possible, the 1inch Network is excited to announce the aggregation of four new fiat on-ramps … Read more

The 1inch Router v5 is released

Thanks to improvements in the new version, users’ gas costs for swaps will be at least 10% lower than any other offerings in the DEX segment. Since the launch of the 1inch Aggregation Router v1 back in 2019, millions of users have trusted it to make swaps totalling hundreds of billions of dollars. Now, by releasing Router … Read more

The 1inch Wallet for iOS upgrades: added and removed features

The iOS version of the 1inch Wallet is back on the App Store, offering more intuitive user experience and compatibility with other wallets. Keeping users up to date on app changes, the 1inch Network gladly announces the revamped 1inch Wallet for iOS. To comply with the new Apple Store Web3 policy, the app had to be … Read more

Bridges: blockchains’ communicators and connectors

Cross-chain bridges enable users to send assets between blockchain, solving the interoperability issue. Cross-chain bridges, otherwise called blockchain bridges, are protocols allowing users to move assets between two certain blockchains by connecting them just like physical bridges would connect two river banks. Without bridges, it wouldn’t be possible to simply send funds and NFTs from … Read more

1inch Monthly Digest: October

The 1inch Network is happy to present you the October digest of major news and updates. Updates, news and integrations In early October, 1inch unveiled a partnership with Unstoppable Domains, an NFT domain name provider and digital identity platform. The partnership will enable 1inch Wallet users to perform transactions in a more user-friendly way by replacing … Read more

1inch partners with Revolut, launches joint L&E course

The ‘Learn & Earn’ course launched with Revolut will broaden newcomers’ understanding of DeFi and help to shape their decentralized future experience in an easy, fun and efficient way. Aiming to empower more people with DeFi knowledge, the 1inch Network is happy to announce the launch of the crypto ‘Learn & Earn’ course as part … Read more

Staying safe from slippage

This post explains the risk of slippage and ways to minimize it. Typical of automated market makers (AMMs) and decentralized exchanges (DEXes), slippage is the difference between the requested or expected price of an order and the price at which the order is actually executed. Slippage occurs when an asset’s price quickly changes, basically reflecting that … Read more