Week 19 — Running with the Bulls

Week 19 — Running with the 🐂 Bulls Some incredible stats from 2020: $14.8 million in saved gas fees and around $4M in FARM bought back by the protocol 🎉 Welcome to 2021 Humble Farmers! 🤗 As we start the new year, we are welcomed by strong tailwinds and what appears to be the start of a glorious DeFi spring. … Read more

Results of the Beefy Christmas Lottery

Check to see if you won! Happy holidays moofians!🐄🎄 It’s been a great few months working on the Binance Smart Chain ecosystem. After only a short time here, we’ve become part of an amazing community of projects, contributors, journalists, and users! And to celebrate we are happy to announce the winners of the Cross-Community Campaign!!🚀 Selection … Read more

Oxygen a DeFi Prime Brokerage

Oxygen Dec 30, 2020·2 min read Oxygen is an on-chain prime brokerage built by a team from Goldman Sachs, on the liquid and growing Serum ecosystem, running on Solana’s scalable blockchain, and seeded by the 140m users of Maps.me, an on-chain mapping and fintech application. Oxygen Protocol will start by building a prime brokerage designed … Read more

Week 18 — See you in 2021! The Year of the Bull

Week 18 — See you in 2021! The Year of the Bull 🐃 Chadventures in Snowland is a Harvest Finance and festive themed game that you can now play here. Chad is on a journey to harvest as much 🚜 FARM as possible during the winter months. In ‘Chadventures in Snowland’, you help Chad harvest as much FARM … Read more

Week 17 — 420 and 69 during the winter months

🎄Week 17 — 🌿 420 and ♋ 69 in the Festive Season! Our new festive landing page! 🎅 To Humble Farmers across all of the DeFi lands and world, 🎉 Harvest Finance would like to wish you and your family a very happy holiday season! Here at Harvest, we aim to do the hardWork so that humble farmers everywhere can … Read more

Ho, Ho, Ho! Moooorry Christmas

How to participate in the Beefy Christmas Lottery Hi Moofians!🐄 Welcome to the Christmas lottery! It’s been an amazing experience developing this project together with such a nice community in Binance Smart Chain. And now, with the support of other projects, we decided together to put some presents under the tree!🎄 Thanks to the support of … Read more

Beefy Cross-Community Christmas Lottery

Join us! In collaboration with many Binance Smart Chain communities, we’re really excited to announce our Christmas Lottery. Thanks to the support of Trust Wallet, Thugs Finance, Bakery Swap, Narwhal Swap, Jetfuel and Nyanswop we will be doing a special campaign in which vault users will have the possibility to win many prizes. Campaign duration Dec … Read more