Exclusive For Venus Protocol: Swap, Hold XVS & Earn SFP

SafePal the first and only crypto hardware wallet backed and invested by Binance has launched its token SFP, issued on the Binance Smart Chain representing a new milestone for the SafePal team being the first tokenized hardware wallet within the crypto space. In January, up to 500–1000 SFP tokens will be distributed exclusively to the early … Read more

Week 20 — Autoharvests and Self Driving Banks

🏦 Week 20 — Autoharvests and Self Driving Banks Check out our new high yielding strategies over at our homepage! 👋 Greetings Humble Farmers! 🗓️ This is a landmark week for all of the DeFi farmlands, as we see new entrants in the market such as Mark Cuban and Brian Brooks. Of note, Mark Cuban describes using Aave and … Read more

Beefy Community Update

Achieved milestones and brief comments on what lays ahead Welcome to the first Beefy Community Update of 2021! The last couple of weeks have been extremely successful for the protocol, achieving +20M TVL in the app and taking big steps towards making beefy unstoppable. ‌📊Beefy‌ ‌in‌ ‌numbers‌ ‌ Just a month ago, our vaults TVL was … Read more

Aavenomics Quarterly Upgrade

Isa Kivlighan Jan 10 · 2 min read In September, 2020, the Aave Protocol began the initial phase of the Aavenomics. In this genesis phase, $AAVE holders could stake their AAVE in the Safety Module and earn Safety Incentives, but stakers didn’t have the additional responsibility of securing the protocol as stake slashing was not … Read more

BarnBridge 2021 Roadmap: Barn Building Plans

Website | Twitter| Github | Whitepaper | LaunchDAO | Discord Introduction We are hoping 2021 is a great year for BarnBridge and all of you, so we would like to formally announce our roadmap for 2021. Happy New Year from the BarnBridge team! Naturally, Q1 will be the most accurate and as we release our products we … Read more

Week 19 — Running with the Bulls

Week 19 — Running with the 🐂 Bulls Some incredible stats from 2020: $14.8 million in saved gas fees and around $4M in FARM bought back by the protocol 🎉 Welcome to 2021 Humble Farmers! 🤗 As we start the new year, we are welcomed by strong tailwinds and what appears to be the start of a glorious DeFi spring. … Read more

Results of the Beefy Christmas Lottery

Check to see if you won! Happy holidays moofians!🐄🎄 It’s been a great few months working on the Binance Smart Chain ecosystem. After only a short time here, we’ve become part of an amazing community of projects, contributors, journalists, and users! And to celebrate we are happy to announce the winners of the Cross-Community Campaign!!🚀 Selection … Read more

Oxygen a DeFi Prime Brokerage

Oxygen Dec 30, 2020·2 min read Oxygen is an on-chain prime brokerage built by a team from Goldman Sachs, on the liquid and growing Serum ecosystem, running on Solana’s scalable blockchain, and seeded by the 140m users of Maps.me, an on-chain mapping and fintech application. Oxygen Protocol will start by building a prime brokerage designed … Read more