OlyZaps: All-in-one swaps into sOHM

Lightning has struck again from Olympus — this time with a resounding ⚡ZAP⚡ Introducing OlyZaps: swap any asset into sOHM directly through the Olympus App What Is OlyZaps OlyZaps is a new feature in the Olympus App that introduces a “zapping” mechanism to provide easy access for staking or bonding OHM from any asset. Through collaborating with Zapper, this … Read more

Farming With Harvest Just Got 4x Easier with Zapper — Full Beginner Guide

Farming With Harvest Just Got 4x Easier with Zapper — Full Beginner Guide Dear Farmers, Deploying your assets to Harvest can sometimes be confusing, especially if the farming strategy involves multiple tokens. Each additional step on user’s journey to make a deposit can be discouraging, therefore lowering the overall conversion (think deposit) rate. We are excited to see Zapper integrating … Read more

This Week in DeFi – May 21

To the DeFi community, Coinbase released a new browser extension allowing Coinbase Wallet users to connect to and interact with DeFi and other web-based dapps, adding serious competition to a critical link in the crypto UX that has so far been dominated by Metamask and a few smaller players like MyEthereumWallet. Already one of the … Read more