Charting and Limit Orders are Coming to ApeSwap’s Decentralized Exchange

Teaming up with BogTools 💪 In our mission to take monkeys into the stratosphere we have been strategically planning features to add to our decentralized exchange 🐵 With the goal of providing the best trading experience for you apes, we are teaming up with BogTools to implement charting on the ApeSwap platform for all our trading pairs, … Read more

Six Simple Strategies to Maximize Your Farming Yields With Alpaca Finance

Alpaca Finance offers a variety of investment methods that can optimize the capital efficiency of your crypto assets. As such, whether in a bull or bear market, you’ll always have opportunities to maximize profits. Now, with this goal in mind, we’ll briefly describe five simple strategies unique to Alpaca, presented in order of simplest first, to … Read more

Yearn Taps Vesper for LINK/WBTC Yield, USDC Pool Upgrade — A Week In Review

Also: Ambassador program kicks off its first week, team shares progress dashboard concept, VUSD continues to emerge, and Jordan Kruger to speak at SCC2021 Yearn Taps Vesper for LINK, WBTC Yield  — @iearnfinance Yearn has launched new strategies for their LINK and WBTC pools that route some of the user deposits through vLINK and vWBTC. This highlights an … Read more

vfat updated version is online

Hello our fellow Don-keys, We are pleased to announce that the updated vfat strategy has been deployed on the Beta DAPP. here are some of the updates: Higher APY (85% vs 80%). Decreased price impact by directing all swaps to high liquidity pairs only. Minimized price slippage by limiting the max slippage to 0.5%. Enter the strategy with WBNB. This … Read more

USDC v3 Beta — Update, Instructions & Overview

USDC v3 Beta — Update, Instructions & Overview Incentivized Beta to End June 18, Multi-Strategy Comes to Original USDC Pool The Vesper team wanted to update its beta users on the USDC pools — both the newer, multi-strategy pool (“v3,” available only on the beta site as of this writing) and the original one (“v1,” available on both the main app … Read more

Set your Calendar — Pera Finance SHO is only 1-week away!

Pera Finance Just now·4 min read PERA Token SHO will take place on the DAO Maker Platform between 16th — 18th of June 12:00 UTC. Proud and Excited! We’re happy to announce the details of Pera Finance (PERA) Strong Holder Offering (SHO) on DAO Maker. SHO event comes after a successful strategic fund-raising round that … Read more

SnowBank Update

Hey Yetis! Did you miss us? It’s been a little while since we did an article so we wanted to bring you up to speed about our latest and greatest. So let’s not dilly-dally and get right into the nitty-gritty. New SnowBanks Oh boy here we go, we have a TON of new SnowBanks for … Read more

OverDose Gems & Frankenstein Finance AMA Recap 6/7/2021

Frankenstein Finance Just now·14 min read Here’s a recap of the recent AMA we did with OverDose Gems! Od, [Jun 7, 2021 at 9:00:17 AM]:The AMA with @frankensteinfinance is starting now! Od, [Jun 7, 2021 at 9:00:33 AM]:Hi @MonsterDefi , welcome! How are you today? Cryptik | Co-Owner of OverDose Gems, [Jun 7, 2021 at … Read more