Dr. Hash x Alpaca Finance AMA Recap

Below is the transcript from the AMA session with Dr. Hash on May 6th, 2021 Q1: NFT is trending hard, and Binance is on track to make their own NFT related products. Since Alpaca Finance has NFTs planned in the Q2 roadmap, and Alpaca just released the first NFT a couple of days ago, what are … Read more

Watch out for yieldwatch

Yieldwatch has integrated ApeSwap 💪 If you think we are going to stop bringing partnerships — or the Jungle is going to stop growing — then you better think again Apes 🚀 Yieldwatch, the biggest yield farming dashboard for tracking, monitoring and analytics of farms and lending activities on Binance Smart Chain with more than 80,000 daily active users (DAU) has … Read more

Ambassador Program Launches, Vespernauts Continue to #BUIDL — A Week in Review

Ambassador Program Launches, Vespernauts Continue to #BUIDL — A Week in Review Also: Blockforce receives grant, UNI/USDT vote passes, Immunifi manages bug bounties, plus Vesper data insights Ambassador Program Launches Building a world-class community will be a key element of Vesper’s ongoing success. The ambassador program is designed to grow Vesper’s reach in tight-knit local communities and to surface that … Read more

Get Your Graze on with Alpaca’s Grazing Range NFTs & Audit Report

Dear Alpacas, We know how much young alpacas love the artworks of our mascot, little Al. Who doesn’t, right? Well, maybe, you know, llamas… Who cares what they think though… More importantly, we know that many of you really wanted to get your hands on Alpaca’s first NFT video, Little Al and the Magical Alpaca Farm Episode … Read more

Understanding 4Belt & beltTokens

This is a guide to understand the basics of the 4Belt BLP pool, the 4Belt token, and beltTokens (beltBTC, beltBNB, beltETH, etc.). We’ll start with 4Belt. The 4Belt BLP Pool is at its basis, a liquidity pool. Liquidity pools are pools of tokens that sit in smart contracts. For the 4Belt BLP Pool, the pool consists of … Read more

Grazing Range Pool#2: Welcoming Belt Finance to the Herd

Dear Alpacas, We Senior Alpacas are very happy to announce a partnership between Alpaca Finance and Belt Finance. With this collaboration, you’ll all be able to open up to 2x leveraged yield farming positions on PancakeSwap’s BELT-BNB pair, which currently yields ~200 % APR in CAKE Rewards. The pool will go live on May 10th, … Read more

#BUIDL Newsletter — 001

🐵 #BUIDL Newsletter — 001 All your #BUIDL Updates on the Jungle 🌴 With how quickly the jungle is growing we have decided to launch the Official BUIDL Program Newsletter 🚀 This newsletter will include all the juicy BUIDL updates, from new cohorts, to highlights on current projects and graduations 😃 Check out the incredible announcements in the … Read more

ApeSwap welcomes xBTC to BSC

Gain exposure to BTC Dominance 📈 One of our favorite things about DeFi is the ability to come up with creative and innovative financial products 🤓 The properties unlocked when you begin to program mediums of exchange are endless, and we are seeing so many projects push the barriers of what we previously thought was possible … Read more

The First Alpaca NFT has arrived!

Dear Alpacas, The moment many of you have been waiting for is here. You can now claim the first Alpaca NFT: Little Al and the Magical Alpaca Farm: Episode 1. Those of you who were on the eligible whitelist, will have this opportunity on our partner platform Project Galaxy. We hope you‘re as excited as us … Read more

LINK Pool Launches, Blockforce Pitches Proposal, Vote on UNI/USDT Pool Goes Live

Also: Vesper works with Chainlink on advanced TVL reporting, CREAM vote carries, and Jeff Garzik on the roadmap. LINK Vesper Grow Pool Launches This week was filled with exciting news from within the Chainlink orbit. Two important announcements, actually. The first turned out to be one of crypto’s worst-kept secrets within that 24-hour period — the graduation of the … Read more