WUSD Is Coming to Polygon!

This Thursday, 9/2 at 3PM UTC, we’ll be launching WUSD minting+redeeming on Polygon! Slightly different from BSC, on Polygon you will mint WUSD using USDC as collateral. The same 90% collateralization ratio will hold steady, along with WUSD’s other stability mechanisms which you can read about here. The featured rewards pool will also be WUSD-USDC, which will … Read more

All About TUSK

Mammoth Gaming! We know that sometimes playing games of skill/chance can get the blood pumping and turn an otherwise drab afternoon into a fun time. With this in mind, Blizzard has partnered with YTHO, who were already well on their way to developing a robust online gaming platform. This will #soon be incorporated into the … Read more

Frankenstein Tokenomics & Fees

Frankenstein Finance May 15·1 min read Let’s take a quick look at the Frankenstein’s Tokenomics & Fees! FRANK Reward Distribution‌ Total ~5,486.301 FRANK/day (0.190496575342466 FRANK/block) 10.00% of Total to Frankenstein.finance Dev Team to ensure essential growth of the protocol. Maximum supply cap at 2,000,000 FRANK for Binance Smart Chain.‌ Pre-mint: 10420 FRANK (BSC) ‌Total ~5,486.301 … Read more

Beefy Community Update

Last week’s developments and what is coming Hello fellow Moofians,Not much time has passed since the last update, but the rate of innovation in Beefy is higher every day that passes, so we thought wrapping up some of the work we have been doing and some of what we’re planning for the future. ‌📊Beefy‌ ‌in‌ ‌numbers 💰 Total … Read more