Yearn Taps Vesper for LINK/WBTC Yield, USDC Pool Upgrade — A Week In Review

Also: Ambassador program kicks off its first week, team shares progress dashboard concept, VUSD continues to emerge, and Jordan Kruger to speak at SCC2021 Yearn Taps Vesper for LINK, WBTC Yield  — @iearnfinance Yearn has launched new strategies for their LINK and WBTC pools that route some of the user deposits through vLINK and vWBTC. This highlights an … Read more

USDC v3 Beta — Update, Instructions & Overview

USDC v3 Beta — Update, Instructions & Overview Incentivized Beta to End June 18, Multi-Strategy Comes to Original USDC Pool The Vesper team wanted to update its beta users on the USDC pools — both the newer, multi-strategy pool (“v3,” available only on the beta site as of this writing) and the original one (“v1,” available on both the main app … Read more

Gauntlet + Vesper for On-Chain Risk Management

DeFi modeling platform Gauntlet will work with Vesper to build out an on-chain risk management system for more secure strategies, higher yield, and a superior UI. Per the passing governance vote, vVSP holders have greenlit a collaboration between Gauntlet and Vesper per the specifications of Gauntlet’s proposal. Gauntlet has experience as an active contributor on other … Read more

Jordan Kruger Becomes Vesper’s CEO, Vesper + Gauntlet, Ambassador Selection Progresses

Also: Jordan’s first AMA, Matthew’s RealVision interview, and more. Jordan Kruger Becomes CEO of Vesper On Thursday of this week, Vesper co-founder Jeff Garzik proudly announced to the Vesper community that fellow co-founder Jordan Kruger has been appointed CEO for Vesper Brewing Co. Jeff Garzik, Vesper’s chief designer and CTO, posted: Jordan has been my partner in Vesper since … Read more

LINK Pool Launches, Blockforce Pitches Proposal, Vote on UNI/USDT Pool Goes Live

Also: Vesper works with Chainlink on advanced TVL reporting, CREAM vote carries, and Jeff Garzik on the roadmap. LINK Vesper Grow Pool Launches This week was filled with exciting news from within the Chainlink orbit. Two important announcements, actually. The first turned out to be one of crypto’s worst-kept secrets within that 24-hour period — the graduation of the … Read more

Vesper to Integrate Chainlink for Best Possible TVL Data, Launches LINK Pool

Thanks to a community vote, our conservative Vesper Grow LINK pool has graduated from our beta site to the main Vesper app. That said, the Vesper team is equally excited to announce that our work in the Chainlink ecosystem goes a lot deeper. On behalf of our community, we want to work with leaders to deliver … Read more

Hedge Fund Proposes Collaboration, Nexus Covers, CREAM Vote Begins

Also: Decentralization progresses, >$60k in engineering bounties get paid, Virtual Bacon AMA, and more! Blockforce Capital Proposes Innovative Collaboration In what is very likely a first for DeFi, Blockforce Capital and Vesper are pursuing a collaboration that would bring an actively managed fund exclusively to the Vesper ecosystem. Blockforce proposed a symbiotic relationship in which the … Read more

Nexus Mutual Enables Cover for Vesper Deposits

Part of what Vespernauts like about Vesper is the hassle-free nature of the platform. For those looking to further ensure security of their funds, deposit cover via Nexus Mutual is here. Nexus Mutual’s Cover Solution Nexus Mutual is a smart contract cover platform that enables token holders to stake their NXM token on accepted DeFi protocols, sharing … Read more

This Week: CREAM Proposal, Coinbase Wallet Integration, LINK Pool Vote, OpComm, and More

Operations Committee Established and Funded With the vote concluding last Tuesday at 3:00 p.m. U.S. Eastern Time, the “OpComm” multisig wallet was approved by the community with 98.93% of the approximately 192,000 vVSP cast in favor. This first VIP served as a small introduction to active participation as governors of the ecosystem.  — @VesperFi Vesper Community Votes … Read more

The Vesper Case for CREAM

The Vesper team has published its proposal for the integration of VSP and vVSP as assets on the CREAM platform. A Little Bit About Vesper In short, Vesper is dedicated to making DeFi easy-to-use, combining the benefits of a professional approach with the inherent advantages of DeFi. The market responded well to the Vesper launch, trusting Vesper … Read more