This Week In DeFi – July 15

To the DeFi community, This week, Multicoin raised $430 million for “Venture Fund III,” the company’s third venture capital fund in the crypto space. The fund will be allocating between $500k and $25 million to early stage projects, with up to $100 million toward more established companies. Multicoin’s focus for the fund is web3 infrastructure, … Read more

This Week In DeFi – June 24

To the DeFi community, This week decentralized derivatives platform dYdX decided to create its own applicaiton-specific standalone chain, as part of the Cosmos ecosystem. The move will also complete the decentralization of the platform – marking an important milestone for dYdX once the transition is complete. dYdX developers reasoned that no L1 or L2 solution … Read more

This Week In DeFi – May 27

To the DeFi community, This week a16z has raised a mammoth $4.5 billion for its fourth crypto fund – also its largest to date. The fund will be split into $1.5 billion for seed investments and $3 billion for venture financing. Overall, the fund will focus on web3 gaming, DeFi, decentralized social media, zero-knowledge proofs, … Read more

1inch takes leadership in the DEX segment

Since early May, 1inch has become the leader in the DEX segment, outperforming, among others, Uniswap, the largest DeFi project in user numbers. This month, 1inch has seen tremendous growth in swap volume among all DEXes, emerging as the segment’s undisputed leader. “The 1inch Network is delighted to emerge as the DEX segment’s top performer,” comments … Read more

This Week In DeFi – May 20

To the DeFi community, This week the Terra community is currently voting for or against a fork of the network, with a potential new chain that removes the UST stablecoin from the equation. Although the current governance voting is skewed highly in favor of the fork, a large proportion of the community appears to be … Read more

Harvest 3: The New Beginning

Introducing: Arbitrum & Leveraged Vaults ft. Dolomite, Managed Uniswap 3 Strategies, New Dapp & Frontpage, DAO Insights ft. Llama & Ops Automation ft. Gelato TL;DR Revamped Website with an end to end Dapp redesign Dolomite x Harvest = Acres of Arbitrum with leveraged vaults Degen Delights — Managed Uniswap V3 Strategies Strategic DAO Insights ft. Llama Operation Automation of Harvest’s … Read more

This Week in DeFi – April 29

To the DeFi community, This week Optimism $OP token rumors come true, as the Ethereum Layer-2 scaling solution announces new plans for its governance structure and token distribution. The “Optimism Collective” will be governed by two houses; The Citizen’s House will govern public goods funding, while the Token House will govern protocol upgrades and project … Read more

This Week in DeFi – April 15

To the DeFi community, This week Uniswap Labs has announced a venture unit, which will invest in promising web3 projects. Uniswap Labs also plans to actively participate in the governance of the projects it invests in. Unrelated to the venture unit, Uniswap has also released a widget this week to enable users to more easily … Read more

LPeeeeeeth — Demystifying Squeeth LPing

Andrew Leone · Follow Feb 18 · 6 min read There’s been a lot of questions about LPing squeeth and people want the LP’d squeeth. This will be the first of a few posts attempting to demystify the risks, potential rewards and payoff of different types and ways to LP. Want to get some squeeth-lite? … Read more

This Week in DeFi – January 28

To the DeFi community, This week, SuperDAO raised $10.5 million in a seed funding round, aiming to make it ‘absurdly easy’ for anyone to start and operate their own DAO. The SuperDAO framework will enable DAOs to raise funds via token sales, distribute equity to DAO members, manage a unified treasury, provide a newsfeed to … Read more