Venus AMA Q&A

AMA TIME: 2021.6.26 1:00 AM (UTC) Danny:Good Morning/Evening everyone! For those who might not know already, well, my name is Danny, I’m from Canada and I’m your new Global Community Deputy for Venus and I will be the host of this AMA. I will start by answering the regroupment of the many questions that were … Read more

Alpha Homora V2: Basic vs. Advanced Farming Mode

Introducing a new “Basic” farming mode for leveraged yield farmers on Alpha Homora V2! Once leveraged yield farmers select a pool and a leverage level (e.g. 2x on ETH/WBTC pool), this feature will automatically suggest the borrowing asset and amount that will minimize price impact from swapping assets on the AMM protocols. Let’s dive into … Read more

An Old Dictator Appears

Earlier this year the Synthetix community implemented a critical change on the path to decentralised governance SIP-111, ceding protocol change decisions to the Spartan Council. To prepare for this transition the Council needed to have the space to establish itself and gain community support as the legitimate governing body within the protocol. This was the … Read more

PancakeSwap Welcomes Back Suterusu to Syrup Pool!

PancakeSwap Just now·3 min read CAKE holders, today we are thrilled to be able to offer you a new Syrup Pool from Suterusu, a next-generation privacy protocol that protects users’ transaction information by converting tokens issued on various blockchain networks into their anonymized versions. What is Boost? Boost is basically an increase in farm multiplier … Read more

Solrise is Launching on AcceleRaytor

A Decentralized Fund Management and Investment Protocol Raydium Just now·5 min read We’re excited to announce that on July 5th, Solrise Finance will be launching on AcceleRaytor! Solrise Finance is a decentralized fund management and investment protocol on Solana — the fastest blockchain to date. Solrise is easy to use, practical, and almost trustless. Choose … Read more


Bunny Finance Just now·8 min read Hello Bunny Fam! 🐰🐰🐰 Team Bunny would like to thank all of you in the PancakeBunny Community for your positive feedback and encouragement regarding our Recovery Plan and during the ongoing launch of our Polygon launch! (If you are interested in providing liquidity and receiving polyBUNNY on Polygon, please … Read more