Compound v3 support now live with Automation and Notification features

Compound first launched on Ethereum mainnet in 2018, introducing the concept of a money market protocol and quickly becoming a staple of decentralised finance, shoulder to shoulder with Maker. In May 2019 the team released Compound v2, introducing more completely new concepts, such as collateral tokens (cTokens), and a year later, in June 2020, they … Read more

Cronos World will now allow Developers building on Reef Chain to scale more efficiently with its…

Reef Oct 3 · 3 min read Reef is thrilled to share that Cronos World, an all-in-one Stop for Web3 Enthusiasts, will now allow the Reef community to benefit from its decentralized launchpad, NFT marketplace, and AMM DEX. Built as a sidechain to the blockchain, Cronos aims to become a robust decentralized network that … Read more

Raydium Launches Beta Testing for Concentrated Liquidity

Raydium Oct 1 · 3 min read Advancing capital efficiency and ecosystem-wide liquidity Raydium is excited to announce its next step towards ecosystem-wide liquidity on Solana: Concentrated Liquidity Pools! The Open Beta will last for approximately one week on Rewards will begin after the Open beta concludes. Official Link: Five Concentrated Liquidity Market … Read more

Optimism launch

Alchemix Finance Sep 28 · 4 min read Optimism header Our multi-chain strategy Alchemix is continuing to diversify across multiple chains as they become feasible. There are many factors that contribute to our expansion plans, including the integrity of our product and security of our alAssets. Managing the protocol across multiple chains should be as … Read more

Deprecating Sollet Bridge

Project Serum Sep 27 · 1 min read This is an announcement related to Sollet Bridge as a follow up from the earlier post. Sollet Bridge will be deprecated on Oct 31, 2022. Here are some details on specific assets supported by Sollet: Sollet ERC20s will be deprecated and protocols should switch to Wormhole assets … Read more

Curate integrates with Reef Chain to unlock greater interoperability and low fees for mass adoption.

Reef Sep 23 · 2 min read Curate, a gasless cross-chain NFT marketplace, is integrating with Reef for enhanced trading and minting experience on the Reef Chain and amplify adoption. Curate is the first NFT marketplace app that boasts cost-efficient and interoperable features to simplify trading, minting, buying and selling of NFTs. It is a … Read more

Sqwid is live! Mint Your NFTs Now!

Reef Sep 21 · 4 min read Dear Reefians, we’re very excited to announce that Sqwid is ready for you — starting today! After months of hard work on testnet, Sqwid is ready for you on mainnet — it’s public! Today, we’re here to share some important information to help you get started with Sqwid. … Read more

ApeSwap Extends Treasury Bills Product to Polygon

Two new partners, Dogira and TokenTraxx, start sustainable liquidity mining on new chain In the three months since the launch of ApeSwap’s sustainable liquidity mining (SLM) initiative on BNB Chain, Treasury Bills have created over $600k in protocol-owned liquidity for ApeSwap, and another nearly $600k for our partners, including Ceek, DappRadar, and FlokiInu. Today, we’re excited … Read more