Synthetix Steps into the Ring – First Athletic Sponsorship

Synthetix is stepping into the ring with its newest Spartan, Linn Sandstrom, an Australian female boxer with a story of her own to tell. We’re sponsoring @SandstromBoxer, in her fight for the WBC Australasia Title. Linn wasn’t always a Boxer. She started her athletic career playing professional table tennis in Sweden and recently transitioned into … Read more

The Mirarch release

Later today (5pm UTC, Tuesday, May 10th), the Mirarch release will begin. It will take approximately 3-4 hours to be completed. The bridge to deposit/withdraw SNX on/off Optimism will be paused during this release. Here’s what’s included in this release: SIP-198: Update to Atomic Exchange Function: Allow trading at the pure the chainlink price for … Read more