Earn $UMA by referring talented candidates to our team

Melissa Quinn Jul 25 · 5 min read Risk Labs is the foundation and core team behind UMA, Outcome and Across. Tl;dr: We’re looking to expand and strengthen our team and we’re offering conditional rewards up to $25,000 to people who refer talented, successful candidates to our organization. Let’s cut out the headhunters and bring … Read more

Day in the life at UMA | Ryan Wolhuter, frontend engineer

Ryan Wolhuter Jul 11 · 5 min read Starting a new job is tough. Typically, you have to meet a bunch of new people, learn several different tools and systems, and start working with an unfamiliar workflow and rhythm. That is true of any job in any industry, but onboarding to a crypto team that … Read more

Join UMA at women-led F3STIVAL web3 conference in Vancouver

Melissa Quinn Jul 5 · 4 min read By Melissa Quinn tl;dr: More than a thousand women are coming together this weekend in Vancouver, Canada to hold space, explore and celebrate the women who are pioneering web3 at F3STIVAL. My team at UMA and I are excited to be a part of the two-day conference … Read more

Three ideas to bring your builds into focus with UMA at ETHNewYork

Evan Duggan Jun 22 · 5 min read These build concepts (below) will help to bring your UMA hack into focus. tl;dr This article summarizes three build case ideas for hackers using UMA, Across or Outcome.Finance ahead of ETHNewYork’s hackathon this weekend. The ideas include building a zero-slippage, gas-less optimistic DEX; establishing token floor price … Read more