Pera Boosted Trading Competitions

Pera Finance Just now·2 min read Pera Finance is a DeFi platform that combines yield farming with trading competitions to create a sustainable ecosystem and incentivize network participation. To further incentivize network participation, starting this week PERA will be distributing additional tokens on top of PERA tokens, to the Top-10 trading competition participants. This week … Read more

Inside The Chef’s Jacket with Sarang-San: The Trident-Wielding God?!

ayoki Aug 14 · 11 min read I wanted to start off this interview by telling you and the audience that your name, Sarang, actually means love in Korean! Did you know that? No, not at all. Actually, the funny thing is that my name has another meaning in India as well. Sarang is the … Read more

Introducing, The Sushi Next Generation AMM: Trident

Sushi Jul 20 · 11 min read There have been many speculations on what our well-kept 7/20 secret announcement was going to be, and we’re happy to say that most of you were close, but no cigar! We are glad that we were able to surprise most of you with this exciting news, and are … Read more

Inside The Chef’s Jacket: Why SUSHI is Off The Charts with SushiPro Creator, Golden Naim

ayoki May 21 · 15 min read How did you first hear about Sushi and how did you get involved? When I first heard about the fork from Uniswap, I thought: “Ah, here we go… Another scam.” Then the Chef Nomi situation happened, and I thought: “Ah, I was right… Another scam.” But what he … Read more

Pera Finance – The first decentralized trading competition of the DeFi Era

Pera Finance May 6·3 min read Introduction Since all the DeFi protocols need some form of liquidity to provide an on-chain financial service, creating significant liquidity is the first step to establish a successful DeFi project. This growing demand has led many DeFi protocols to develop innovative methods for attracting long-term liquidity, and has kickstarted … Read more

Alpaca Academy: Lesson 1 – Shorting at a Profit,

Alpaca Academy: Lesson 1 -Alpaca Finance’s Unique Use-Case — Shorting at a Profit Hello young Alpacas, and welcome, to Alpaca Academy. Here, we senior Alpacas will teach you about DeFi concepts, in particular, ones applying to Alpaca Finance. As such, today will be the first of a series of lessons to help you make the highest possible profits … Read more