┻┳ The ACCretion

The next phase of Tokemak is all about growing our PCA (protocol controlled assets). The PCA concept encompasses both the value of the portfolio the protocol owns (the so-called PCV or protocol controlled value) as well as the actual portfolio make-up or diversification. Intro In order to achieve rapid growth of the PCA, Tokemak is … Read more

┻┳ A Few Upcoming Milestones for 2022

C.o.R.E.3 Vote Completion and Reactor Activation C.o.R.E.3 ends Monday, May 9th at 7PM UTC (12PM PT). You can add, remove, and change your votes until then, but remember: staking TOKE for additional votes takes up to ~15 minutes to appear, so if you’re adding last minute, be sure to factor that into the equation. When … Read more

C.o.R.E.3 Voting Begins This Monday, May 2nd

Attention Tokemech Pilots that may have had one too many in the Leaky Reactor: we know those Offworld Carajillo’s are tasty but it’s time to sober up and report for duty. C.o.R.E.3 is rapidly approaching and voting starts this Monday, May 2nd. An Ice Cold C.o.R.E. Refresher for a Groggy Pilot C.o.R.E., short of Collateralization of Reactors … Read more

TOKE Emissions Update April 2022

Phase 1 Effective April 13th, 2022 Update: Tokemak has reached a point where we are now able to proceed with the next stage of our emissions. These forward thinking modifications will set us on a trajectory of sustainable emissions with the ultimate goal of benefitting the Tokemak protocol and its community. Completion of the first phase … Read more

Tokemak Update March 2022

March of the Tokemechs Q1 of 2022 kicked off the beginning of Tokemak’s official liquidity deployment. Since the start of the year, we have: Launched the ‘pro mode’ exchange voting UI for Liquidity Directors Begun preliminary liquidity deployment to Curve pools Several iterations of dApp / website updates and improvements Released two audits, one by Omniscia and … Read more

The Conclusion of Cycle Zero: Weekly Cycles and Staked TOKE Migration

Weekly Cycles and Migration tl;dr Pre-liquidity deployment “phase” Cycle Zero is concluding, as we enter official liquidity deployment with active liquidity direction Action Required for single asset TOKE stakers: Starting today Feb 23, all Liquidity Directors (TOKE stakers) will have one week to migrate to the new TOKE staking contract for the purposes of officially … Read more

Brace Yourselves, Pilots: Tokemak Liquidity Deployment Begins

Live feed coverage of Hurricane Tokemak The Beginning of a New Era Tokemak liquidity deployment began this week, marking an important milestone for the protocol. A combined $1.5mm of UST, FRAX, and USDC have been successfully deployed from the Pair Reactors to UST-3Pool (wormhole) and the FRAX + 3Crv pool. It’s important to note that this process … Read more

UI Update: Exchange Voting is Live

Pre-Liquidity Deployment Exchange Voting Now Live Exchange Voting tl;dr Liquidity deployment is not live yet; this is to familiarize users with the exchange voting process before active deployment Liquidity Directors (TOKE stakers) now have exchange-specific granularity when voting for specific Token Reactors by switching on “Pro Mode,” located above the vote input field Initial exchange venues available for … Read more

Tokemak, the Kingmaker of Web3

Leaky Thoughts by Core Contributor Sterling Archer “He who controls the TOKE controls the flow of value.” Background The data-flows of Web2 are rapidly being replaced with value-flows in the form of tokens. This ongoing metamorphosis is the catalyst that propels the evolution of Web3. However, interacting with this liquidity is still far from frictionless. Web3 interactions … Read more

The Balancing Act

Greed is Good… Authored by the Liquidity Wizard Pair Reactors This week marks a seminal moment for Tokemak, with the launch of Pair Reactors. Pair Reactors provide the “other side” of the liquidity generated by Tokemak that gets paired with the assets from Token Reactors — for example the ETH or DAI pair asset is used to construct … Read more