This Week in DeFi – April 8

To the DeFi community, This week Terra founder Do Kwon has declared war against prominent Dai stablecoin (DAI), via the launch of “4pool” – a stablecoin liquidity pool on Curve with an emphasis on UST and FRAX. The pool is attempting to attract liquidity from “3pool”, a similar pool containing DAI, by using large quantities … Read more

SUSHI Reactor + Roadmap Update

SUSHI Token Reactor The proposal to collateralize the SUSHI Token Reactor has been up for a few days and can be viewed here: We’re calling on all Tokemech Pilots to show their support. Early next week, the proposal will proceed to a governance vote to confirm the DAO to DAO swap. If all goes well, … Read more

New Vaults (SushiSwap, JetSwap, PolyQuity Polygon)

Brace yourselves, Autofarmers! Autofarm is rolling out 19 new Polygon vaults from the likes of SushiSwap, JetSwap and PolyQuity! Vaults are now live on Autofarm and auto-compounding assets to maximise yield at the lowest rates. Polygon, the Ethereum scaling solution, has been growing rapidly owing to its promise of faster transactions at the fraction of Ethereum … Read more

Do You Believe In Matic? How to Use Sushi on Polygon With The Matic Bridge

Sushi May 7 · 15 min read Great news… Your vote passed and we made it happen! Our Sushi multichain family is growing and Matic (Soon to be Polygon — So, glad we got that play on words in before it was too late) has joined the SUSHI party! If you want to try out … Read more