Update: New StablePay Checkout for payments with zkSync

StablePay Dec 14, 2020·2 min read Now when you make your payments or donations through StablePay you will have the option to do it through L2 thanks to our latest integration of the zkSync protocol 🌐. How can I make my payments in L2? When you receive a payment link through StablePay, you will now … Read more

StablePay 2019 in review

StablePay Dec 25, 2019·3 min read StablePay launched on October 9, since then we have had many advances in improvements to the platform for user experiences, partnerships with other DeFi projects, new wallets integrations and more. What is StablePay? StablePay is a decentralized payment platform that enables users to make payments with Ether or any … Read more