Zeta Markets: A Leading Undercollateralized Options Trading platform on Solana, powered by Serum

Project Serum Just now·8 min read The disruptive change brought by decentralised finance (DeFi) presents an opportunity to democratise financial products by making them easier, faster, and cheaper to access. DeFi promises a world where financial programs can share the same operating system, allowing data to transfer freely between collaborating applications. Decentralised derivatives are the … Read more

Serum x Star Atlas: A Decentralized Economy Powered by Serum — Serum Spotlight #1

Serum Sep 2 · 8 min read We are continuously impressed with the sheer level of innovation taking place within the Serum ecosystem every day. The number of passionate teams and developers building projects that interact with the Serum DEX has grown significantly, spanning across the major primitives of the DeFi world: borrow-lending protocols, risk … Read more